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  1. A man in a brown suit rolled up to his house at his regular time of 7:30 only to be startled by something offsetting. Aside from the gardeners not mowing his lawn and his floodlights not turning on to greet him as was standard, there was a homeless man digging through his garbage very matter of factly. For a few days now someone had been rummaging through his garbage and leaving a mess for him to clean up. At first he thought it had been a raccoon or skunk. But when he noticed that old turkey bags and tuna sandwich cartons had been opened rather than clawed through, he realized his culprit req
  2. Im taking one of those lab classes that are once a week for 3 hours. We look at small shit through microscopes all day. It's a relatively small class, about 14people when it's at it's busiest. There is one chick in there whos pretty hot, very nice booty. I had her in one of my classes before, so breaking the ice was naturally easy.Shes Spanish, seemingly conservative, and doesnt appear to have a lot of friends. Shes down to earth(i.e.-No princess complexes) and I guess shes got her shit together although she still lives with her parents.She shows all the signs of a decent prospect: laughs at m
  3. Thank you all for your time and critique. Ill try to dumb it down a little from now on.
  4. The following is an essay I turned into my Eng 111 Class. Im looking for some honest criticism whether it be constructive or positve. The essay prompt went something like-"Compare two short stories and tie their themes together in order to illustrate a cohesive point. You must add 4 literay comments from aclaimed critics as well as tie in a piece of art on display at the Santa Barbara Museuem of Art."-Something like that excpet it was more in detail. The essay I turned in was enititled "Learn How to 'Work' Kid". The two stories I tied together were John Updike's "A&P" and Robert Carver's "
  5. bin ladens ******* in an american prisonbaba booey
  6. no i dont have the time. i actually have a lifei just want some thoughts and comments on it. that would be crazy if he won it;
  7. Luv4TheDuece


    a monkey is being backed by pokershares in the WSOP ME this year. i dont have the link but its for sure. thoughts/comments?
  8. All you people with a 3000+ posts here are pathetic. Find something better to do than **** up my posts damnit.The FCP forum nazis unite all for the common purpose of sucking negreanus and each others dicks for just a little bit longer.Take a look at yourseleves, seriously****ing pathetic....just for kicks....
  9. **** all of you...nothing but dorks and nerds on these forums anyways. i liked the hooker remarks but all the rest are just stupid replies from people who dont have **** to do. go get a life and a lottery ticketp.s. i dont need any sympathy, im not sad or anything, just a little pissed i didnt win 22 mil when i came so close to. you guys cant understand that im sure...
  10. i just got back from vegas today, enough said...
  11. I think it was collusion.Or that old **** would have probably died touring the circuit with DN.Either way, who really gives a ****...
  12. I almost won the CA lottery on saturday. 5 out of 6 frickin numbers. The super number is how they always **** you. Well it was good for a $22,687 cash but I still feel like i got shitted on. To tell you the truth, the money just makes me remember i didnt win the 22 mil. One f'in number seperated me from all that cash, cant help but feel a little ****ed over. Any ideas on how to spend the cursed loot??
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