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  1. If someone skipped over those hand histories they might falsely assume you had a particularly unlucky session.Call it a learning experience to lose the cash and sleep it off. Not sure what else you're looking for by posting this here.
  2. Hey folks. I didn't read most of this thread. Just wanted to mention I'll be finishing the college degree in December and will probably spend a few months playing pro until I go out and get a real job.Thanks FCP for teaching me how to win at this game, especially Actuary and the strat posters.
  3. 7330 at 6 in the morning. I am the Ninja At Dawn.
  4. I was up all night playing video games and later writing a report when time began to run out. I'll crash for a couple hours this afternoon and probably follow the same pattern tonight studying for Thursday's midterm.
  5. I have a problem with Mansion too. I made a few bets on individual football games last weekend and a parlay. Now they won't give me my money. They tell me you only get cash if you win the bets or some ****. ****ing rigged.
  6. I enjoy the feeling of being tipsy. Spending a night drinking with friends is a wonderful time. There's two positive effects.Also, there are things I could do with alcohol which I just couldn't do without. Cocaine off a hooker, for example.Different strokes for different folks.And back on topic, Rye and Coke is my standard.
  7. A hard cap will do nothing unless the MLB puts millions into monitoring under the table deals. It's a good concept but nearly impossible to implement successfully.Oh, and hooray Yankees lose.
  8. Appropriate response to the prank?Sleep with their mothers.If that's not an option, (similar to the bed reconstruction idea) take everything out of their room and recreate the room exactly on the front lawn. Leave a mint on the pillows.
  9. I actually kind of like this one.
  10. Nice story.I think everyone who plays in a B&M comes across this type of guy every now and then. Some nights I like watching them more than the people who are having fun. This guy's play-by-play to his friend was a nice touch, haven't seen that one before.
  11. Of course ZeeJustin has an opinion to write about the Bill. You would too if you were the other 50% of players online.
  12. The same person who later searches for YouTube.
  13. Is this as of before or after the US scuttlebutt?
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