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  1. specifically that showing hole cards is bad??
  2. "If I saw an amputee being hung from a tree in a park, I would just start screaming letters".......Demetri Martin is hysterical
  3. Ok, im kind of lost...in the video they mentioned something about DN and Mike??? Can somebody clarify this for me please
  4. Sunday through Thursday, they are all dirt cheap. Its hard to get a good "poker rate" friday and saturday night
  5. Daniel,First and foremost, I have to say how much I respect you for all the things you do, say, and stand for. I'm a huge fan, and Ive been apart of the FCP army since late 2004 and I truely enjoy the site and all of your blogs...keep up the entertainment!!!Its your blog, your opinion, so you can say whatever you want...but I would like to add my 2 cents.I am currently finishing up my last year of med school with a focus on physical rehabilitation, so I would say I have some knowledge on functional capacity and independence of a person. In the case of Conrad Dobler, If the man has had 7 operat
  6. OOHHHHHH, so its more like giving 3 lamers to the top place or the top 2 splitting them. I thought u mean it was 1-3 all get 1 lamer a piece. I understand a deal can work out like that, but im assuming if no deals are made its pretty much stacked at 1st?Thanks for the help Socrates
  7. You win $500 lamers?? So does this mean that the sattelites are $100-$200?? Im interested in trying to win those $500 lamers, so any info could be helpful.
  8. I read paul phillips' blog, not cause I am a fan but I find him to be quite unique. He basically gave up tournament poker back in 2004-2005 and decided to have a kid.. He basically got sick of the way things were run and decided there was other things he wanted to do. He has moved on to playing scrabble, raising his daughter, and recently set out to write a 50,000 word book in the month of november. He did play in the 50k Horse event at this years wsop. Here's the link if you feel like checking it out.... http://extempore.livejournal.com
  9. Why do you not like sharkscope??I just looked up my stats as well as some friends and they were amazingly accurate
  10. From the PPT last night..did they color down at the final 10?? the Blue chips were 1,000 and at the final table it appears they took them away and gave 500 pink chips. Ive never heard of this. I guess they wanted more chips for TV coverage??Also, Steve Brecher sucks, what a horrific call with QJhh when not even short stacked.
  11. Nobody loves FT more than me, but that is not that impressive of a stat considering the amount of pros they have entered and the quality of their players compared to the rest of the field.
  12. I was thinking about this myself..... I thought she was cute til I saw how much she looks like Freddy. Also the nose ring is a total turnoff.I give her a 3, as in, it would take 3 drinks for me to do her
  13. What I do for FRIENDS is a combo of backing/lending. I'm not going to charge a friend points, so if they lose money they owe me whatever it is i lent to them. But if they win, I expect my money plus a little bit of icing on top.For example, last week I lent a friend $200...he won a few hundred and sent me $225. But if he had lost it all, he only owed me the original 200. I think its a fair deal for a trustworthy friend
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