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  1. Suited AA.People always whining about "cheating" or whatever...donks...
  2. I was almost embarrased for hellmuth. Then i remembered how much of a conceited **** head he is, and it made me laugh.he got litteraly "PWN'd" By everyone at the table. They made him look like a fool in almost any hand he played in.That hand against Harmon, where she rivered a straight against his QQ. He played that like a weak ****. Ive seen better play at .25/.50 NL on Party poker.
  3. This is my hero!??!Foxwoodspro will you marry me.
  4. Old people will literally call down to the river with any face card...regardless if they made a pair.They will call you on the river with K high, just to say they wanted to keep you honest.I love it...its one of the reason's i think Sams Town is a F'n Gold mine, cause there are so many of these table police that play there constantly.
  5. 1300 worth of spelling lessons....just sayin.
  6. Id love to move out to Las Vegas.Cool that you are from San Antonio, As i am myself. Good luck out there with the business venture, im sure opening a restaraunt anywhere is tough, much less in a city like Las Vegas, where there are such big name's everywhere.
  7. i refuse to let this thread die!!
  8. foxwoodspro is my hero.i might be mistaken, but didn't foxwoodspro, make a comment like, "why du u donkz asking 4 teh advisez abotuz poker, u must B sukx cuz u hav to aszkzs for stufz lololo1!1one"now he is here asking for advice about how to use his money.Meet my friend
  9. back when FTP first opened.There used to be quite a few pro's playing at lower levels, almost all the time.played .50/1 nl at a table with lindgren, harmon, andy bloch, seidel all at the same time
  10. take one of those to the cage at the bellagio, "id like this in chips pls" and "could you point me to the 2/4 limit game."thanks hun.
  11. ive been completely uninterested in playing poker lately. I dunno what it is, im not in a loosing slump, i just can't find interest when i sit at a table.I find myself going to tournaments cuase someone asks me to come, i buy in, sit there and talk the whole time, play stupid hands and make ridiculous bluffs. Then make calls knowing im beat, cause im bored and i want to go do something else.anyone else ever experience this? Im gonna take a break for a while, but im wondering if ill gain my interest back. I hope so, i was just starting to feel like i was understanding the higher level think
  12. Yea i love this show. I love how they got Deeb goin last night by accusing him of going south.I cringe everytime daniel throws in a 20k call and has to muck on the flop, or he pays off sammy (40k) at the river, when you can tell he knows he is beat.Daniel!!! NOOO!!!!!
  13. Yea im from San AntonioLive on the NW side, near Sea World.
  14. Heh friend of mine started this website about a year ago now i guess...we use it to gather local games in our area.www.sapokerclub.comRecently we had a new guy join up that runs a 20 dollar buy in, with rebuys and add ons every thursday night. Funny thing is, his wife is a stripper, with alot of stripper friends. If you take a bad beat in the tournament, you get a chip, and can turn it in for a free lapdance before you leave or rebuy or whatever...needless to say -- its become quite a big tournament every thursday, i think he had 40 people yesterday night. Just wanted to share...thought it
  15. my thoughts exactly......wait, what?
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