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  1. I completely agree....online poker isnt going anywhere....its here for good
  2. ....and he prolly read when 10J makes a straight its always the nuts
  3. its tru, 1 of the friends prolly was bored and since he actually tried to win (as shown by the tourny report).....none of my friends no my passwords, except maybe my brother, but he doesnt even play online poker so I have no worries
  4. it was an old episode, and you wanna talk about lucky final table appearances, this is from the WPT Championship (this season) at the Bellagio....it was heads up and paul maxfield had 5-6 vs tuan le (89s) and the flop came X-5-6. Paul checked and Tuan moved all-in. Paul called easily (if Paul won, it was over) and Tuan Le hit his 4 outter and got his miracle 7 on the river to hit his straight and went on to win the title. Now that is some luck....
  5. dammit....Im in the New Player Lucky Dollar $1 ($252) and the $5k Freeroll 2night and Party has been frozen for 45 minutes....WTF, at least I know its not my comp
  6. play 2-3 tables at the same time...its likely you're becoming impatient so try to keep yourself occupied...something I did when I first started, make yourself a starting hand list based on position (big hands early, big/somewhat big in middle, big/marginal late) and make a range of hands for the list. This helps a ton IMO. Peace
  7. ive only played the freerolls, its not too bad, definitely not the best
  8. dunno, but i'll be able to answer this next month, my g/f and her family are staying there late next month
  9. its hard to narrow the books down to 'Best Poker Book' cuz a lot of books are targeted at different games/players. Brunson's SS1/SS2 is my pick, cuz it has a wide range of games, and good strategies. However, Harringtons Holdem might be just as useful, but his style of play is completely different from Doyle's (aggressive vs tight). A book that wasn't on the list but a very good book for Low Limit Holdem players is Lee Jones 'Winning Low Limit Holdem' or refered to as WLLHE. Peace
  10. just do a forum search with todays date
  11. 1 more thing, I will be stealing your avatar (sorry in advance) cuz that @ss is hot as hell, much better to look at than my stupid Ace Of s
  12. That's the point....TJ and DN know of the 'Matadors' antics, and avoid playing with him cuz he is a cheat....this was posted a while ago tho I doubt they played for $$$$....thats like Celebrity Poker vs WPT, unfair as hell
  13. I don't know much about Bluff, but CardPlayer is an excellent magazine. I've had a subscription since my birthday in March. 2 Mags a month, with excellent in-depth articles covering the BIG tournys, strategies, and real game situations. I am a huge fan of this magazine, and definitely will be renewing my subscription when it runs out.Peace
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