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  1. A lot of the criticisms of my post make the point that the burden of proof lies with anyone who is making accusations against online poker, and so ad hominem attacks on the mental stability of anyone who doubts online poker's integrity without such proof are warranted. I can think of two reasons, however, that a reasonable person who is new to online poker could be justified in placing the burden of proof on the defenders of online poker. The first, as alluded to in my original post, the gaming industry has a long history of rampant corruption. It would not normally be considered a symptom of
  2. Every once in a while, a newbie comes along and posts about online poker being rigged. A group of regular posters then immediately respond with a bunch of references to tinfoil hats implying that the OP is just a paranoid nutjob. I can understand how regular online players can get frustrated with these posts, but the tinfoil hat references are becoming just as tiring and annoying.Suspecting the integrity of the gaming industry is not indicative of the same level of paranoia as believing that the CIA is reading people's minds. Given the long history of organized crime's involvement in the gamin
  3. Do any of you have a game that you know is -EV for you, or at least a lot less profitable that other games, but that you keep playing anyway? I know I do best in lhe ring games, but I keep playing in mtt's and SnG's for the rush of playing no limit. How many of you are addicted to games you know you probably shouldn't play?
  4. Smash, in the 1-2 games on pokerstars, the rake starts when the pot hits $5. If a lot of the hands aren't being raked in a game you're in, then you are practicing bad game selection. I actually see more hands folded around to the blinds in the full games than in the much looser 6-max games. The 10 handed games often have periods where everyone tightens up and the percentage of hands played and average pot size decrease sharply. This usually only happens at the 6-max games when they get down to 4 or fewer players. I am not claiming my math is perfect, just that the flaw is not that a significan
  5. At the local Indian casino at which I sometimes play, the players who play 10-20 usually refuse to play at less than a full table, because of the rake. This got me thinking about how much of a factor the rake is in the 6-max games online vs. the 10-handed games.I assumed for the sake of comparison, that the average rake per pot for a $1-2 game is $.50. So, every 100 hands, $50 is removed from play by the house. That is roughly equivalent to a single buy for a $1-2 game. Assume 10 players buy into a full $1-2 game for $50 and no one rebuys. After 100 hands, there is $450 left in play distribu
  6. and game theory? The argument that the "human element" could not be overcome was made in the defense of the claim that no computer could beat the best human chess players. In limit poker, there are only 3 possible actions: call, raise or fold. I don't see why a bot could not be programmed to calculate the likelihood of multiple opponents' actions and the optimal response. Human unpredictability will complicate matters, but can be factored into a margin of error. I concede that it is possible that bots will infiltrate poker from the lower limits on up, but I also think that it's possible that s
  7. I know most of the regular posters are online enthusiasts, but I was wondering what future most of you see in it. People began developing chess programs in the late 60's and early 70's and it took tyhen over 25 years to devlop a program superior to most grandmasters. Both computer science and game theory have advanced a great deal since then, and there is a lot more money in online poker than there ever was in chess. How long do you think it will be before someone develops a program capable of crushing the 300-600 games at ub, or the 100-200 games at P-stars. Once that happens, isn't it likely
  8. At the Indian casino I play at occasionally, one of the Vietnamese dealers would carry on long conversations with the vietnamese players in their native tongue. I didn't want to seem rude or racist, but it did bother me that the dealer and several players she seemed to know personally were carying on a conversation that no one else could understand. So, I left earlier than I'd planned. I know that she was probably just being friendly, and it may have been a little paraniod to suspect impropriety, but I still left.
  9. I have punched walls, slammed my fist down on my leg so hard i screwed up my leg, stabbed myself in the leg with a pen, and once got so depressed after a -50 BB session full of bad beats, that I played a round of russian roulette. This is all in addition to drinking a lot after a couple of really bad beats.My question is: how many of you have become seriously self-destructive after a particularly bad run at the poker table? What is the worst any of you have done?
  10. It was a pump and dump. The stock price shot up when the offer was announced, and then dropped rapidly. This, along with the fact that the offer was pretty much ignored and then dropped, suggests the whole thing was just a way for someone (i.e., Doyle's backers) to unload a bunch of stock at inflated prices. If the SEC and Justice weren't run by corporate hacks, this kind of crap probably would have resulted in indictments.
  11. mark,My post was an expression of frustration with several factors that are inherent to 7-stud, such as the difficulty of multi-tabling, the fewer hands per hour, and the greater variance due to the extra betting round.Your suggestion that I was impatient failed to address any of these issues and was generally unhelpful, as well as untrue. I play a tight-aggressive game in stud, just as i do in every other game. My complaint was not that I was losing at stud, but that, as a secondary game, it was sorely lacking.This is because the extra betting round exacerbates the severe swings and the lower
  12. I have been playing a lot of 7-stud lately and have come to the conclusion that playing it online is a total waste of time. It's damn near impossible to multi-table and play well, since you have to remember folded cards. The extra betting round increases variance and increases the amount of time each hand takes. I took up stud because I wanted something to play besides holdem, but it isn't worth the aggravation. The huge swings, the difficulty of multi-tabling, which exacerbates the problem of high variance, and the smaller number of hands per hour makes stud a wate of time.I'm switching to O8
  13. I recently deposited some money at Partpoker and tried out their SnGs for the first time today. The blind structure seemed really fast compared to Pokerstars. What is the correct strategy for their structure? Has anyone had consistent sucess at them or is it just a roll of the dice?
  14. Right now I have all of my rather meager bankroll at Pokerstars. Is it worth the trouble to move some or all of my br tp partypoker? Are the games there really that much softer than Pokerstars? I would really appreciate advice from people with experience playing small stakes at both sites.thanks
  15. Is there ever enough fold equity in a low stakes nl game to reraise with a gutshot straight flush on the turn?
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