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  1. errrr,ej333 /better at poker than typing
  2. im ready when you are. any limit, any game, Negreanu style
  3. EJ333

    wsop #22

    I just plunked down my money for event #22 ($1500 NL). Any other FCP'ers signed on?
  4. I got 17 out of 20. Question 20 I think could go either way. I raise it. At the end he says rasing is not a bad play either.
  5. The answer to this one as with many poker questions is "It depends".As mentioned above at low limit ($1-2) especially B&M games, you will often have many people that will call $6-$12 with anything playable. That being said, I usually open 2x-5x the big blind. You don't want to play QQ and get 4 callers, but at the same time you usually don't want to kill all the action and drag a $3 pot either. Position, chip stack, and opponent's play all come into play here. So, It depends.
  6. K3 because I always lose with it and never get to do the crabler dance.
  7. There is a relatively soft stud 8 10/20 on now at stars (Becrux) 4:23 PSTCome on in
  8. I think he played it well. I would do it the same way with no flush draw out there. We all know that making the right play isn't always good enough. Kurt's play on that hand seems pretty solid. I certainly wouldn't describe it as overly fancy. Let's hope he gets another shot at another big buyin event.
  9. "It's good to be the king" from History of the WorldHigh Anxiety was good for it's day.
  10. Kurt,Congrats and best of luck at Bellagio. You'll have plenty of people pulling for you.
  11. If you have any interest in stud hi/lo. The Ray Zee book is teh best investment you can make. Also, Todd Brunson does the chapter for stud 8 in super system 2. Not as in depth as Ray Zee but still good reading. Unfortunately neither book covers tournament or sng play for stud 8. Typically when the blinds become very large, the high hands play stronger than they do with low blinds. What's your screen name on party?
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