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  1. Haven't been by in a very long time.Just stopped by to thank those who remember me and got me to where I am now. If you guys see me live, let me know
  2. eh so many..Anything from Season 1.And 2.And 3.;)Actually, hmm I'd have to say Lois going to Quagmuire's house, and him getting ready to seduce her.
  3. I play large tournaments, and I've got a huge problem.I get a stack, then I go Matasow.I'll pick on a big stack and inevitably lose a bunch of chips. Then, my image is gone nad I am usually sitting out within 10 hands.I've no problem with playing tight early on. And I don't notice my hand selection changes- I don't think any of my play changes.Should it, based on my stack size (From mid, to large, to largest)?Thanks
  4. y'all a bunch of flaming retards.
  5. If you spent money to buy ANY Spade/Farley movie, then you should give all your freaking money to the Salvation Army and move to Chad. Because you, obviously, waste entirely too much of it. And, Clerks on TV is a joke. They bleep too much. But, it's still one of the best classics.
  6. Women won't admit, but a lot of those serious ones are true.My ex used to say she loved my goatee, until I shaved it- then I got nothing but requests for oral. Then, when I grew it back, those requests stopped.
  7. Go to wal-martBuy a backpackAnd a battery backup.Cheapest portable laptop ever.Okay, now that I've got that sarcasm out of me...Places you should look:http://www.tigerdirect.comhttp://www.pricewatch.comhttp://www.newegg.com
  8. BB. It's a good excuse to to "defend your blind" wih crap, hit with crap cards, and bust someone overplaying AA.
  9. holy shit- this is where my braincells come to die after I drink!
  10. Congrats, Nikki. Great to see someone around from the days before all these other kids showed up. ;)Cute, too. I'd come over some time, but the last time I was in Indiana, a state trooper in a pickup truck pulled me over. I thought, perhaps, Walker had gotten lost.
  11. Man.. all these new people, and none of them respect their elders.Smash, WRTO, Allin, Suited, KDawg- each contributed more to these forums than anyone else I've noticed thus far.At least that dumbass with the rabbit pictures isn't on the list.
  12. Blurt: Garth Brooks has sold more records than anyone else, period. So...And, this poll was intended to be classic rock. Radiohead and AC/DC are NOT classic rock. They're no more classic than Metallica and Megadeth.
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