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  1. I would much rather play against 12 year olds with play money instead of for real money against experienced players. Obv.Playing customized private tourneys with friends might be worth buying the gheyme though. PLUS you can speak to other players with headsets. Meh.
  2. Swing Swing Swing. Swing goes FCP on Daniels nuts.
  3. Sure grab a pube.Still not over that dog huh..
  4. Daniel - when these guys are done can I take a turn swinging from your nuts?tenight - post more on NWP, funny stuff.
  5. Except that those talking about grammar all joined before the charter membership deal, so I don't see what that has to do with it.This still never happened before. Forum is so lheyme you have to argue about proper grammar. Ever wonder why none of the older vets seldom post?
  6. First Royal Flush thread turned into a grammar discussion. This shit would have never happened before the charter. And before Daniel sold everyone out with his new site.
  7. or just gas retarded noobs.Good one. You ever wonder why none of the regulars post here? Makes you think.
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