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  1. the only time I've ever limped with big pockets, it was KK, UTG. Flop came K high and I bet out, 1 caller. Turn was a ten, I bet again, got raised and I put the guy all in. He had KT.Skill, baby. Pure skill.
  2. One time I was woken up by a friend and I said "wha-? I fold, I fold."
  3. I agree with the check on the flop if you're sure that your opponent will bet it. If you aren't sure he'll bet, or you don't think he will, you should lead out. If he comes over the top, push.Keep in mind that if you put him on a king, and you're sure its not AK, you are the favorite. It's a very favorable flop for your hand, so go all-in after his $10 bet. You're about a 51% favorite, and you're putting the decision to him.
  4. They don't affect my play but I just don't like them. I hate that little cartoonish speech bubble when you check or bet. The empty seats actually look pretty cool.
  5. PocketRocks, your avatar is freaking me out.
  6. Can you really call it the idiot end if it's a straight flush? It's a bit difficult to lay that one down. Now that's what you call cold decked.
  7. oops. typo. I meant J 10 Don't even ask how I got it that wrong.
  8. Playing a small mutli table NL tourney the other day, and deep in the tournament (300/600 blinds) I get dealt Q J on the sb, 3 limpers and i complete. bb checks.Flop comes up A J 10 , I check. Checks around to the button, who pushes all in, I call, the rest fold. Button has J 10 The turn is that beautiful K , giving me the royal and a very nice pot.I've seen many various straight flushes but I finally got the royal. Only took five years.EDIT: Corrected the suits.
  9. .com? damn, that's why. i downloaded from .net... alright, thanks for the help.
  10. I can't do anything in the cashier, it tells me I have a play money account.
  11. I just signed up for fulltilt and I can't find anything on the site as to where I can deposit money. Can anyone help me with this?
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