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  1. I knew it was 7, 8. I don't think Daniel would have scared them off the hand if he made the straight. I also don't think he would call a raise in early position with 7, 5. He would have milked those rookies if he had made the straight. He knew they wouldn't put all their chips in the middle unless they had a really good hand. NH Daniel.
  2. I'll take that deal. Stake me. PM me the details, that is if you are serious?
  3. I am sorry, I didn't know anyone posted this before. You guys getting over 30 seconds are good. I highly doubt it was on the first few tries though. Once you start to memorize the patterns, you can get further and further, but that will take some time.rsmbox...41.52 is awesome!
  4. This game will drive you nutz. They say the military uses a similar simulation on their fighter pilots, they must go at least 2 minutes. You will be lucky to get 18-20 seconds. My best time after a few tries is 21.297 seconds. http://members.iinet.net.au/~pontipak/redsquare.html
  5. You should like this then too...."Whatever women must do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult." -Charlotte Whitton-
  6. I wouldn't vote for any of those options. I would say player one would have the option to call or fold. Player 1 is not at fault here. Player 2 might have just cost himself some money.
  7. No they will not do all that, but it will be illegal, if you get caught, you will be in some trouble. It is the same exact thing as programming your own Directv cards, yes it is illegal, but alot of people still do it. They can not control the internet as much as they would like with all theese overseas hosts. But if this does pass, the online gambling community will drop drastically. The only people who will still play online will be those people who are willing to take that risk. The individual site hosts will also be required to perform some checks before allowing just anyone to gamble
  8. What happened to the Stacked OP that was on here? We can't get any new info, and nobody from DN's camp or the Stacked camp is letting us know anything. Does anyone know if it will really start shipping at the end of this month or not?
  9. Yes he did, I couldn't believe it. I caught that on this weekend also. I didn't know he shaved his head. He seems too conceded for that! I really enjoyed the 2002 WSOP. Never saw it before on TV. I couldn't believe when it got down to 3, Robert Varkonyi had pocket Aces, Julian Gardner had pocket 10's, and Ralph Perry had pocket Jacks. That had to be one of the most exciting hands I have ever seen. I can't believe Julian laid down the 10's, very good lay down.
  10. Yeah, I hope he mentions something about Stacked. I have had it on pre-order since September or October!!!! Don't even remember, it has been so long!Maybe us FCP charter members can get a discount DN???? :wink:
  11. Well, I'm sure, there have been lethal car accidents because of cannabis use. Driving stoned is not a good idea, but common sense should tell you that anyway, it's neither an argument for nor against legalisation.You are right, it is not an argument for or against legalisation, I was just commenting on his statement about it being dangerous to others. If you are going to comment on something, you better have the facts to prove it. I don't know that anyone can find 1 documented case of an accident that killed someone that was directly related to the driver being stoned. I am not saying it is
  12. Very good post, now see there OP...this is a guy (or girl?) who has done some research on the subject. Unlike you who just likes to jump into a subject you know nothing about, and pretend you do know something about it. I think we are all still waiting for that ONE documented case of a marijuana overdose, or a stoned guy driving irratically and killing someone. Oh and for your information OP....stoned people generally drive really slow, so it is kind of hard to see someone killing someone driving 10+ under the speed limit, but if you can find it, let us know, I am waiting....
  13. "LEgalize it and make it even easier for the children to get drugs then they can drop out of school like you."That is the statement I want to comment on. It is actually a proven FACT that it is much easier for underage kids to purchase marijuana, than it is to purchase Ciggarettes or Alchohol. Do you think a drug dealer cares how old his buyer is? How about you go back to High School and learn your facts before you post something ignorant. At least you could do some research on the subject before writing about something you THINK you know about but in fact know anything about. Also, about
  14. I am the same way. I always had more guy friends than girl friends. I hung out with my older bro and his friends all the way through high school. Now as an adult, I find myself still having alot of guy friends. Now I hang out with mostly my husband and his friends. I don't seem to gel as good with women, we don't ever have anything in common. I play pool, poker, work at an online paintball company, and love sports, so most of my entertainment, playtime and even work is with guys. My husband understands though, and does not have a problem with it. Heck, I play in a pool league two times
  15. Let me say, I am a woman, and I sort of aggree with the OP. But you can not stereotype this to ALL women. I play in a poker league which is 18 weeks long. The first league I played in was the one previous to the current session I am playing in now. I was in first place from week 1, all the way till the last week, when another FEMALE beat me out of first by 1 point. This league has about 35 guys and 4 females. The top two finishers were both females. This session, this week is the last week, and I am in first again, and have been there since week 2! 2nd on down is soooo far behind, that
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