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  1. Hop across the border to Seneca Niagara. Best room in the area bar none. Tons more games, dealers as good as Vegas, massages from pretty girls at the tables and a freakin' unbelievable buffet which you shoot to the head of the line for if you're playing poker.I won't play anywhere else in the area.
  2. Wow. I bugger off for a couple months and this is the crap I come back to? See you all in August. Christ.
  3. Zimm, could you plug me in for Tuesday?That's the only day in the forseeable future I'm good to play.Itching to do my part in the Donk Squads continued comeback to glory!!
  4. Sorry for not hiliting these, I'm posting this as I play, but some interesting comments scattered in here from pro Alan Boston on Full Tilt.Alan Boston: the pros that do not helpDealer: Mookman5 shows a straight, Jack high, for highDealer: Mookman5 wins the pot (1,505) with a straight, Jack highDealer: Hand #438900407fishybet: you're kidding? lolEtomic: i'm not saying he doesn't. Etomic: i'm sure he does.Alan Boston: juanda is an #%@#!$!rich_miller (Observer): sh it i beter get to bedrich_miller (Observer): work at 6bdc887 (Observer): yeah he isrich_miller (Observer): its almost 2Alan Boston:
  5. Hey Zim... I'm single for Valentine's day, so the FCPFC will be my date if you want.I'd also be good to go tonight if you need.Cheers,mike
  6. Wow, yet another craptastic General thread. :roll:
  7. All damn funny, but the bracelet one made me shoot milk out my nose.Note to self...be careful eating breakfast and reading anything on FCP...especially if RedPill is posting it.
  8. Jesus Christ. I just got pwned by smokewagons 3 hands in.Hit my set on the turn and he had a FH.507 / 510.Kill me. Well, good luck to the rest of yer asses.
  9. Booyaa all! This is gonna be a good one.Good luck to everyone. 8)
  10. It won't happen on CGTV. The rights to WSOP and WPT are very pricy, and CGTV is struggling to afford what programming they have, hence the majority of low quality programming (Have you noticed all the bingo?)As a network just starting up, they won't be able to afford any high end programming for a while. Monte Carlo Millions is about as good as you'll get there for a while.
  11. On Rogers it's ch. 288.Sure it's all poker all the time, but it's a lot of cheap British poker programming.It'll wear thin on you once you start hearing Jesse May and Barney Boatman giggling hysterically in your sleep.One kind of fun thing on there though is "Poker Night Live"They watch online poker on a 5 min delay with an "expert" analyzing the play.One of the experts is Devin Armstrong, who's a very strong player.He's actually a friend of a friend.He's had a bunch of online success and made the final table in the limit event Eric Frolich won in last year's WSOP.
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