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  1. Yes.Because she is a bit kooky, I think everyone forgets how talented she really is. Dale has really grown on me this season. I really hope they do something like this again. I think there are enough past season contestants, especially those in the beginning seasons that have probably upped their game through experience.
  2. I think Casey may be the dark horse of the bunch... we just may see her in the finale.Sad to see Jen go... the rest I did not expect to go far. Rooting for Carla, Casey and Tiffany D. Would be cool with Tre and Richard taking it down. As long as Marcel doesn't win, I am happy.
  3. Great results show.Adam Lambert was awesome.The right ones went home.
  4. I never would have believed that Tim could sing and give me chills but last night he did. I thought his performance was the best of the night.Casey reverted back to his lack luster self... he needs to learn to stop smiling so much. Sings well but boring and predictable.Crystal... great as always but she is not standing out way above the others anymore. Tim is most improved (probably most improved on any season so far) but Crystal is probably least improved. The others are catching up to her...like Lee. He gets stronger every week and reminds me more and more of Eddie Money (in a good way.) He
  5. Good call. Also, I think Everlast's What It's Like would be a good choice for him as well. I was not a Casey fan because he was so generic... my impression was that he was a vacant pretty boy. But when he showed emotion in both his voice and face in that perforamance, it was brilliant. Hopefully, that is who he really is and not just a one time act.
  6. Besdies the howling of hot messy dirty sex... Siobhan reminds me more of a current day Cindy Lauper than a Lady Gaga. My top 4 picks in no order: Casey, Crystal, Lee and SiobhanBig Mike is just beneath them... However, I think there is a good chance that Tim will have a career... think Jonas Brothers and Justin Beiber, Tim may just be at the right place at the right time.
  7. OMG... Casey was amazing.Does Lee remind anyone else of Eddie Money?And Ellen is funny...well, at least this middle aged woman thinks so.
  8. Happy Big Bunny Day everyone!
  9. I love the song Knock On Wood (there isn't a version I have heard that I didn't at least like). I hope someone sings it but I think if they cut out the horns (which is in every single version) and put a grungy guitar instead, you could really modernize it. But... somehow I doubt if anyone would do that. It would be a great song choice for someone like Casey but I jsut don't think any of this group except maybe Siobhan and Andrew are comfortable with coming up with something completely different.
  10. Well, the sad truth is that it is not quite the truth. I don't think she is listening to herself when she is doing those pathetic Ford commercials or the group routines. But I do like her moxie. I doubt if she will win... but it may be best for her if she doesn't. I don't think she will be able to win over the 12-15 year olds.By the way... Vote for the Worst is pumping up Tim. Do you think he will be around for a while like Sanjayah?
  11. Triple post here... :)I think the biggest disapointment tonight was the band. What was it with all of the horns tonight? That is what made all of these songs sound so cheesy. Granted... most of the performances were sub par but the band really butchered the evening. Biggest surprise was Miley Cirus. I thought she did a pretty good job, especially for being so young.
  12. Agree. And Andrew. OMG... I can't believe how many really sucky singers there are this year.However, Crystal was at her best tonight and I was plesantly surprised by that Malcolm in the Middle kid.
  13. Catching up... my personal laptop died a few weeks ago. I am not trying to be mean spirited or anything disrespectful... But when I read this, all I could think is that you have never had just wild crazy oh my god dirty sweaty messy sex. When I hear people like Adam Lambert or Siobhan sing and they look and sound like they are in that god awful but god amazing moment right before climaxing... it sends chils down my spine. I think this is what you are missing. It is the rawness, the animalistic quirky fantastic energy that is behind the singing that makes it great... not the technical notes.L
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