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  2. What the fuck? You want Matzo over Eggs? Jesus. NO, NOW YOU'RE TALKIN!
  3. I don't want to offend anyone that doesn't believe in imaginary people like Santa or wait, what??!!
  4. Okay fuck it. I'll say it.How much is it going to cost us to get this Speedz/Wang negro/stripper double date to happen? And fuck video feeds, I'm reserving a large table in the same restaurant for all the sickies thatwant to join in and watch preferably behind a soundproof glass. Hell, I'd probably get a job as waiter just for theevent. Or we could plant sickies at all the surrounding tables.
  5. Holy crap. I got on here to early to see this. lollerbeamz
  6. What the FUCK! This is my ****ING holiday and your startthe ****ing thread without me??What's next kick Jesus in the balls??
  7. Hey Big Boy! Taj? Sorry, the names taken.
  8. What's a Stone Temple Pilot? Do they fly Stone Temples?
  9. Trouble times have all of us holiday icons a little worried and my bud Santa sent a letterto the paper which I thought was worth repeating.Dear Editors,As you no doubt know, I have spent many years attempting to fulfill the dreams and gladden the hearts of children. It is all that I have asked of life, and until now my request has been generously granted. But now, in a world that is more self-possessed - dare I say far colder? - than I have ever known it, I am given to wondering this: Is there still a Virginia?Are there still children with room in their hearts for stories they cannot prove and
  10. Merry Christmas from a 2nd rate holiday and jopke account.
  11. Fuck, missed the Secret Santa drawing, shit.
  12. 1. My real name isn't Thumper2. I prematurely ejaculate3. I hate eggs.
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