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There goes about 3/4 of a years worth of winnings.

Seats - There are no good seats (unless you are ringside). We had floor seats 11 rows from the ring... pretty close and I paid quite a bit. I couldn't see shit. You can't see over other people's heads

The internet is an environment. Environments attract compatible creatures.   'Comment sections' of anything (Youtube being the best example, where the absolute lowest form of internet vermin are ap

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bet365 also has "Mayweather by KO, TKO, or DQ" at -150, which seems really good. Go watch Mayweather Vs Gotti from 2005 if you haven't seen it. That's exactly how I see this fight going. Floyd doesn't really have KO power, but the ref may just stop the fight at some point because Connor is getting battered. Or, Connor could panic at some point when he realizes he has zero chance to win and do something stupid and get DQ'd.

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For an idea of how welcome 165 will be, Al Iaquinta, on a 5 fight win streak, is 8-1 in the UFC going back to 2013.


He is #11 in UFC rankings for 155, even after beating the guy who is ranked #4 at 170.

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Connor's odds are equivalent to: (odds of Mayweather having a heart attack or stroke on stage)+(odds that the fight is fixed/thrown by Floyd) + (1 in a million chance that Connor actually beats Floyd straight up)


I'll take a hard under on 1/219



This is a boxing match between arguably the greatest boxer of all time who has never really come close to losing against a guy who literally isn't even a professional boxer. -550 is an egregious line. There must be money coming in on Connor at +400, which is insane.




1. Some of Mayweather's toughest moments were against unorthodox, weird style fighters. Also, lefties aren't easy for him.

2. He's only had 49 fights, many of which he was much younger, and he has been stunned.

3. McGregor, despite being far, far outclassed as a boxer, has all of the qualities that tick these boxes.

4. In a combat sport 219 times is a lot of times.


Sooner or later Mayweather would duck or weave at just the wrong time and take one of McGregor's very powerful and very fast lefts coming from an odd angle, full on, and go to sleep.


But if you want to bet me 2190 dollars against my 10, I'll make that bet.

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That Bellator PPV wrapped up. It was good.

The UFC should be nervous about Bellator getting their shit together and putting together compelling PPV cards because there are only so many MMA PPV bucks to go around and for the first time, Bellator had my interest as a PPV entity.




The biggest story has to be hype-train conductor Aaron Pico getting submitted in 24 seconds by a 33 year old journeyman Zach Freeman who hit him once, slapped on the guillotine and that was that. The fight was considered such a slant that most sites weren't even booking it.




With the wins: Sonnen over Silva, Mitrione knocked Fedor out, Primus beat Chandler via foot injury, Lima beat Lorenz Larkin and Bader beat Phil Davis by a marginal splitter.

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Following this simple process can usually get you whatever fights you want to see the next day.


* Go to Google.

* Type in the names of the two fighters plus this search command --> site:.ru

* Hit search

* Once the search results are rendered, click on the "Videos" button

* This will render your search down to "Videos" that meet that description on Russian domains.

* Sometimes the fight you're looking for will be right there at the top but if not, click on "Tools"

* This will bring up another toolbar under the search box (above the search results), one of which will be "Any Time"

* That is a dropdown menu. Click on "Any Time" and set it to "Past 24 Hours"

* That will further refine the search results to recent uploads.


That's what you're looking for.

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Hendricks, now fighting at Middleweight, can't even make 185, misses weight, admits to running 102 fever today...


Boetsch at +130 might not be a bad flier.


made it back.

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On 7/11/2021 at 8:24 AM, SuperJon said:


When Conor heals, if he is serious about wanting to fight and beat contenders, ideally I’d like to see him fight someone like Dan Hooker or Tony Ferguson. He fought Cowboy, why not fight one of these guys. If he can’t beat either of those guys he’s washed and should just call it a career. If he can beat them give him a top guy that’s not the Dagestani guy (whatever his name is) who would just maul Conor


Or just fight Nate Diaz again and retire. If he knows he’s not as motivated anymore and is just fighting solely for the money then this is the way to go. I like this option the best. 


I hate the Poirier option which is what Dana White will probably go with. Gonna make Conor look like a fool if he talks his shit and loses again. 



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On 7/20/2021 at 4:49 PM, FCP Bob said:

Does he need any more money though?


I was surprised that thing was only 3.5 million. 

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