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  1. I was surprised that thing was only 3.5 million.
  2. Um so I forgot my password, did a password reset, and the system only recognizes one of my joke accounts associated with my email. King_tanner is dead but Fez lives. I am now Fez
  3. The person who I would let coach me for the wsop main event final table is:YO MOMMA !!!!!@@@#&*%&($#(#@^@@@#^$)&*$(#@^^$#@^(
  4. YO MOMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Worst high stakes living episode ever imo.The host is horrible although she is mildly good looking.Doesn't Men the Master have a hut in Vietnam with more poker trophies we can check out?(edit) ooops forgot to sign out of joke account.
  6. OHHHH KNOCKOUT !!!!!!!!!WINNER: VICK 12 HE WINS $1000 CASH MONNNNEYscreen name on stars? ( might send you .02 cents)COME BACK AGAIN FO' .... yo momma
  7. Its a Yo Momma battle between Troyomac and Vick 12 for $1000 cash monnnnnneyyyyyyLETS BOOGEY!
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