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  1. He's in there guys. Short stacked but it reminds me of the 1993 WSOP when a player less known anted his way to second place. If that guy can do it, anything is possible. I know it's a far cry from todays play, but it was really neat watching Glenn Cozen ease his way into second place the way he did, and he was short stacked most of the day. If Glenn can do it, then Daniel can win this thing and Phil can definitely win the ME. GL skinny! Flex those metro vegan muscles and take it down. What a feat. Two years in a row against some of the greatest competition around.
  2. This is simply a post for Bob. Thanks for the read.The first thing I am worried about when reading articles from these guys is that I know he's a major Dem. I don't like anyone that labels themselves as a Dem or Rep. We're getting way too far into dividing this country and have been doing so for many years. We started off with parties, moved to things like African-Americans, and so forth. We are no longer united as a people and we feel we have to choose sides. I registered as a Republican the first time I voted, ran as a Democrat in a local election, and now I've changed to (I), because
  3. I just feel bad for the guy. He probably got the crap kicked out of him in school a lot and never got kissed until he became the main event champ.Sad case of the moley nerd kid from third grtade that always had snot on his shirt.
  4. Is this true or not? I just got back from a really bad night of poker and to top it off I hear good and bad news from a guy at the table. He swears that there is a bill that is going to make online poker legal. That sounded really great. Then he says that they want to take 40% of earnings from online and live poker! There were other guys that claimed this to be true.Has anyone else heard this or did I miss the thread already?Why would they take live and online earnings? Also claims to make an equal tax on luxury items, sports ticket sales, and movie sales. I guess that would be a nice c
  5. I think that is an incredible idea! This is more or less, a sng due to the fact that they have several months off and will probably play with different styles.Hevad would be a pretty good choice. Nick Rainey, though he could blow a gasket at any moment, and many other SNG wizards would be a pretty great choices.The reason I chose those guys is because several are the top money earners, most bracelets, final tables, and actual coaches that have also done well in the WSOP. I know you might not agree, but I find the Eric is a great coach on pokerx and Harrington's books were incredible.I would
  6. Kinda took it for granted that most would realize that. Sorry.As for Lynch and Lisandro, I thought I would throw them in as a good measure. Lynch is a coach. As far as Lisandro, I would pick him over most simply because he was on fire at the WSOP. The points he made were incredible.
  7. Who would you pick to coach you?I know it's a strange crew but just a few I thought I'd throw out there. If you don't like who you see, put it in a post and give your reason why.I personally wouldn't pick Phil because I think that everytime I played a hand with him during the session, if I won, he would spend the rest of the session telling me how much of a donkey I was for playing that and I'd only get in maybe two or three hands a day.edit: I'm such a dumb ass, I didn't know how to put the poll up the first time. Sorry, I suck at forums.
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