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The Official University Of Nebraska Cornhuskers Thread

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i hoped our days of horrifying play calling was over now that shawn watson was gone. but tim beck decided he wanted the title of worlds biggest idiot for himself. 14 throws in 15 plays. three picks in 10 plays. what the fuck was he thinking? it was so bad i could only laugh.

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are the blackshirts back? lets hope so. meanwhile, sexy rexy keeps doing work. t magic hasnt shit the bed lately. 11-1 should happen. and they can beat ohio state in the rematch. rose bowl here we come baby.

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Pat Fitzgerald out coached Pelini big time. I couldn't be more proud of Pat as he aggressively went for it on 4th down again and again.
yeah pelini looked pretty bad today. not using his timeouts when they had the 1st and goal with 3 minutes left was pretty bad. not changing to more run blitzes when persa went out was pretty terrible too.
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big game tomorrow. a win and its ten and two and possible bcs bowl. lose to michigan and live in shame.
I'm betting on you clowns tomorrow, better not lose to Michigan. If Iowa can beat Michigan, Nebraska should crush them.
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