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  1. just discovered that ron swanson was in an episode of deadwood. he played tom mason, famous for branding snatch and showing al his penis.
  2. speaking of horses, was anyone else watching Luck on hbo? i was. i liked it a lot and it really was getting very good at the end of season one. sadly it was just canceled because a third horse died during filming of season two. i uhh, think they could have worked around it, but the low ratings probably didnt help. anyways, the show gave me a new appreciation for horses. watching them run in slow motion was pretty sweet.
  3. yeah i wasnt liking the state of the lakers free throw shooting at the end of that game.
  4. exactly. though the strippers here in kc are a sad sight at this point. the new laws are killing this business. but i still enjoy a big pair o titties in my face. this girl tonight told me her fantasy was to get double teamed. i was like bitch dont talk just dance.
  5. when i think of shake on his busines trip, it looks a lot like this:
  6. have you considered confronting her with a tape recorder concealed on your person? get her to admit some things, play the tape for friendo, and move on with life.
  7. my roommate is one of those (spurs) fans who reacts to every shot, missed or made. he was like a manic depressive last night. it was real funny to watch and i enjoyed it.
  8. is this potential job in a new (real) city? would we get the added bonus of shakey in the big city stories? becuase that could make a big difference in how hard brvy and i will be praying for you to get this thing.
  9. michael corleone. imagine the power.
  10. i'd live in miami beach, no question.
  11. i dont understand the uproar over javele mcgee throwing it off the backboard to himself for a dunk. i see nothing wrong with it.
  12. oh i thought we got to redraft after this week.never mind i'll just keep all four of my teams from last week then. cause its gonna be a giants pats superbowl.
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