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chuck norris jokes

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Chuck Norris is Carrot Top's personal trainer
Maybe everyone knows this but I was surprised the last time I saw carrot top...he's ripped now.
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Chuck Norris is the only man who could take a 24" double ended dildo up the ass and live to tell about it
Uhhhhhh.....how does this make Chuck Norris look good???
KowboyKoop's reading comprehension is at a 17th grade levelKowboyKoop can grow a better beard than Chuck NorrisKowboyKoop can sing better than Bon Scott and Brian Johnson combined
In case Koop cant comprehend... I was just saying everything off the top of my head no matter if they flattered Norris or slandered him. Also, it gave a little insight as to how drunk/crazy a person I am... or did it?I love you all
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