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  1. Dawkins is great. I don't believe in a God above us, but i see the energy that permeates life as a vast connectedness worth revering as a higher collective presence. 'His work is awesome, especially on 'memes'. It's a good to be able to see truth in another's work and yet disagree on philosophy. If you only work with information from your 'team', you are short changing yourself. Discounting someone flat out because you have differing views is idiotic. See bits of truth in everything.
  2. Thought you might like this...an explanation on the origin of Christmas that fuses the secular story and the religious aspect of it to one source. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDh7W4oGxAs
  3. Let's try to keep the responses for those who did watch the video.. But yes the Council of Nicea in 325 AD is when the Christian religion was officially organized and not scattered all willy nilly over Mesopotamia.
  4. No, the topic title is not a typo. This video below intends to prove the past histories of Christianity, and they hold nothing back...listen to this concept.The entire Christian religion is an amalgamation of previous solar and stellar cults, and most imporantly, Jesus Christ is quite simply an anthropomorphism of the Amanita Muscaria, aka the magic mushroom. Consequently, the Bible provides for us an astrotheological (read: 'astro', meaning stars, and 'theo', God, thus the theological study of the heavens) text along with simple parts of history. The statement above is absurd to those who
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgKpiwwZKVE...ted&search=quagmire, indeed.
  6. lol nice. I cannot think of any now but I will watch in the foreground.
  7. yea ima say mutemath and project 86 are the best ive seen on this list so far. Very different sounds, mind you, but I'm not Christian and I enjoy both of these bands.
  8. It kind of depends. Dogs will listen to whatever their masters say. A true servant. Cats could give two shits about what you think, so while they don't listen to you and that is ****ing annoying. It's tough to say cats are smarter because my two cats never respond to their name, only to louder inflection and voices. It's pathetic really. I vote owls.
  9. The correct answer. If it's not your business then stay out of it!
  10. Yeah even this wingnut thought part II sucked. It was CT garbage for the most part. Oh well. All the parts tie together in the end.
  11. Did I agree with the idea that an elite group of men have manipulated wars in the past for financial gains and political power? Yes. It's not hard to see. The federal reserve part (part III) is probably the most eye opening to people, hopefully they look into it more.
  12. you gotta post a link, dummy movie heregood flick, concise and to the point. Crams of lot of information into two hours. As noted above, the film is broken down into 3 parts. The first one would be on Christianity/religion and probably the best one to talk about on this forum.I might have to watch it again to remember the finer points but it's a good introduction to breaking the religious myths of today down to their most possible origins, astrotheology.
  13. MSNBC is showcasing both democratic and republican debates of presidental candidates. I missed the democrat's and since the candidate I'm supporting is republican, I'll let the resident democrat post the dem's debate. The 'debate' was ok, as expected you can't actually debate 10 people in a short amount of time. The msnbc polls are showing Romney and Paul, two dark horses, doing the best. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18421356/Ron Paul essential issues
  14. QFTThat is about what it boils down to. Phil won the negotiating game, and they were too sure of themselves to realize they've been had to quit. And Daniel is right to point out that something doesn't add up if the losers were indeed doubling the stakes; you don't double the stakes if you can't pay up. Especially if you thought the numbers weren't in your favor. It's that simple.For those who hadn't read Blair's post, it does add a good perspective.
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