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  1. haha, i love procrastinating. pretty much the only thing that would motivate me to do homework was last minute panic. that guy at a lot of cheetos.
  2. What's up Zim,Having problems trying to understand what a girl is thinking? Welcome to the club. I had a double-double combo for lunch on thursday. so delicious. i'm not sure the shake would ship well.
  3. Hola amigos.Bizzle, sounds to me like you should try to find a coaching gig somewhere else. If all you friends are on your team, you are going to end up hanging out with them. If that's going to be a probelm, you have to ditch the team or you friends. I'd go with friends, there has to be more coaching opportunities. heyooooooooo! 100% agree. I can't get enough of him, it's hilarious. go on ...
  4. 2 User(s) are reading this topic (0 Guests and 0 Anonymous Users)2 Members: tyfgine, Bizzlehi bizzle, how's life?ps. did spademan leave? he was almost as funny as rod reynolds.pps. i'm typing with one finger, it takes a long time.
  5. Excellent, i've been on a green tea binge lately, so what if i'm gay?
  6. 2 User(s) are reading this topic (0 Guests and 0 Anonymous Users)2 Members: tyfgine, LadyGreyhi lg, how's france?ps. the france thing is just a joke, frenchie.
  7. ps. i moved a new house a few months ago, and i finally got internet, so i hopr to be on here frequently. luv u.ben
  8. hi guys, kinda drunk, just want to say hi. ps. that's a great pic of mexico (just kidding buddy, u know i love u, but noy as much as speedz, well, maybe)comma
  9. Oh, I'm definitely getting it, but they didn't have it in stock at Fry's. I'm thinking about ordering it online. How much was yours? That's not possible. There is a 3 hour time delay between when the Lifetime network airs its fine programing in Chicago, and when said fine programing airs on the west coast.
  10. Soulmates.I was shopping for this exact TV today. Panasonic. 42 inch. Free beer and snacks.
  11. Randy's still around? Awesome. I'm still a member of the fan club. go on... buh? Is Mexico gone now too?ps. Naked Gun 33 1/3 just came on. "DYSLEXIA FOR CURE FOUND"
  12. tyfgine

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    "For something so disgusting and lethal, cigarettes are amazingly enjoyable."-Randall Lawrence Waterhouse
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