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  1. Tops for last night:Ryan - Hell of a performance, he should get encore.Dilana - Good as usual.No one else really stood out to me.Bottom:Zayra - Have I mentioned that I don't like herl? Nice superhero get upLukas - forgot lyrics, but you couldn't tell with how bad he sang anywayJill - attractive, but her performance was nerve grating--RuffRidr
  2. Well ok, whatever. Everyone has their own tastes. But did you see her performance this week? You'd have to be blind and tone deaf to think this one didn't suck. Come on, let's hear it.--RuffRidr
  3. Were we watching the same show? Zayras cover was not amazing. She hasn't done anything remotely amazing yet. A couple of weeks ago she tanked a performance, and then for the elimination show she did the same song!!Here's my predicition: she will again be horrible, she will not be singing a rock song, and she will again be in the bottom three. Whether or not she goes after that I can't say, because I thought she should have went the last three weeks.--RuffRidr
  4. Patrice's song was "My Iron Lung". I thought she kicked *** on it. One of the best performances of this watered down season.Zayra was horrible as usual. Don't know why she is still around.Phil wasn't great, but he brought it tonight and I thought he deserved more of a chance than the dumb *****.--RuffRidr
  5. Lukas was pretty smart about his performance. He definitely had the Mick Jagger strut going. The band seemed to like it. Dilana's performance was pretty good as well, but I agree that her singing is a little weak. Toby messed up this week. The rest of them suck and don't have a chance.--RuffRidr
  6. The Hanlons will be missed. Man they almost made mullets trendy again.--RuffRidr
  7. Hey, I've been watching this trainwreck too. I have been absolutely blown away by the lack of rock songs in the first 2 shows. The guy that sang Duran Duran should have been thrown off the stage right when he said he was going to sing that song. That would have sent a clear message to the remaining contestants. That Lukas Rossi didn't even sing Rebel Yell all that well and the band was acting like he was the best damned thing they ever saw. It wasn't him, the rest of them just sucked for song choice.--RuffRidr
  8. What a horrible, horrible show. What's the deal with so many of the acts being singing acts? Shouldn't they be on American Idol. Stealing from a local DJ: it turns out America doesn't have talent.--RuffRidr
  9. I don't like that it is like "The Amazing Race". At the end of the show all of the teams end up at the same checkpoint. I'd rather see all of the teams just continue on. I suppose this adds more drama, but I hate seeing 4 teams all at the same place, then one figures out the clue, and magically the other 3 all figure it out right after that. Bleh.My favorite part was watching the Minister and his family. Evidently he has not heard of "Thou shalt not steal" and "Do unto others as you'd have done unto you". So far they are the team to hate.--RuffRidr
  10. If we were to live by rule of Eye for an eye, the whole world would be blind.-Gahndi
  11. Great show! Definitely one for the Tivo. My favorite episode so far was the one where Dwight was the office cop and was forcing everyone to do urine tests. That episode had me rolling.When I saw the first episode I was unimpressed. But the characters have really grown on me. It has gotten a lot better as the season has gone on.--RuffRidr
  12. Why oh why is the last challenge always some balancing challenge. It inevitably leads to the girl who has been flying under the radar winning it and taking a less deserving player with her. It plays out like this every season. I think it is fair to keep these challenges in there, but move them around a bit. Have it a couple challenges earlier.Oh, and I'm sooo glad Danielle did not win it. It was like two or three times that she told Terry that she would vote with him and then broke her promise. It turns out her integrity is about as phony as her breasts.--RuffRidr
  13. Chandler is the favorite......for me to poop on!What an annoying show. Thank God its off of the air.--RuffRidr
  14. I like Terry and I'm pulling for him. Unfortunately, I don't think he'll make final two. No matter which other 2 are left, if they win they will pick the other one instead of Terry. After having such a big target for so long and surviving, no one wants to go up against Terry in the final.My picks - 4. Aras. Seen as a threat by the girls. Hated by Terry.3. Terry. One of the girls (probably Danielle) wins the last challenge.2. Cirie. She's burned too many bridges, jury votes for....1. Danielle. Once again someone wins who probably doesn't deserve it.Hopefully I'm wrong tho.--RuffRidr
  15. RuffRidr

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    You'll be her casket bearer? That's a bizarre thing to say!P.S> Biggie sucks ***.--RuffRidr
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