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How old are YOU?  

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  1. 1. Which age group are you in

    • 0-17
    • 18-21
    • 22-26
    • 27-33
    • 34-40
    • 40-47
    • 48+

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I'm actually shocked that my age group is leading the poll. wow.
i was gonna say "our" age group, until i realized i'm in the one above. :club: 35 in octoberwow, that even sounds scary i think i'll just say 25 then, that sounds better.
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had you for late 30's how can you be so bitter so young ?? lol jk
Most of the things I say aren't very serious. It's just my wacky sense of humor.
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I kind of assumed a curve of this nature.I was just curious though, as it also felt possible that the 18-26 age group could seriously being like 80% of the demographic. Also makes sense though as the online poker pro and college students would obviously have a higher opportunity of posting.Fun stuff. We should turn this into some sort of age group tourney challenge of some nature. That could be fun.

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36And damn proud of it no matter how much my young poker friends tease me. I know I get laid more often then them so I am good with it.
Don't you have an AARP meeting to be getting ready for?
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