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  1. All the local papers have said is "out for some time".What a turnaround for this team! Hope they can keep it up.
  2. I would like the shotscenester09 (Oviedo)GL to all!
  3. I'll entertain trade offers for Tony Romo
  4. I'll throw my name in. We had a staking deal before but I wasn't able to put the necessary hours in but now I have a much lighter school schedule so I can put in a ton of time. I also think I'm a much better limit cash player than NL.GL to all the horses.
  5. Renyel Pinto and Fredi Gonzalez...go **** yourselves. That is all.
  6. pick up AA, get it in on turn vs set of 5's, im out.thx for the stake
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