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No Not Baxter Ft Of Stars 150k

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Congrats Baxter!How sick that myself, Wandigo, and you were all at the same table in this for a long time. Sick run dude!Enjoy my $320.pokerhaus/blackknights owning the online poker world this year for sure.
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Welcome back.
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Way to be man... sick payday. Looks like everyone is pwning on FCP lately... (cept yours truly)WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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Nice job bax! Did you know the fcpmtt chat still exists? I accidentally went there the other day.
loool does it really??
Wow, congrats NNB!! Way to show up Grinder huh? :club:
hi :D
WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!Congrats man, well deserved, etc.Now get out here to Vegas!
hmmmm doubtful, but maybe!
Congrats NNBBK having a nice week.
ya, decent, mbn
congrats!upload the HH to pxf asap.
hmmmmmm ill think about it
wow didnt see this awsome score man congratz now go own your live tournys :ts
live tourney gayyyyyyyyyy223 entrants, like 31.5k for firstgot to dinner break with 52k and avg had like 28k with like 65 left or somethin like that. I lost like 5 hands after dinner break ended :D played a hand pretty damn marginally...opened t5o in the hijack and sb called, flop came KJ5r and he donked 6k, i shoved like 18k or so more and he called w/ KQ (blinds were 600/1200) i obv didnt get there...next hand lagfish made it 3100 utg i shove 20 bbs utg+1 with AQ...everyone folds and he snaps off with 55 and i miss :(I thought i played rly well besides the T5 hand i guess. Brian Wilson (won 5k plhe wsop in 2005) was on my left for basically whole day and was a really nice guy. Oh well :/Thanks everyone
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