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  1. someone uhmm.... activate my account... in the international falconry forum.
  2. good april.and good may so far. at $1950 now, grinding .25 / .50 HU running 10BB / 100 in 10k hands until now. goals:$2500 at the end of the month. maintain 5BB / 100. that is all.
  3. if i remember correctly, i made about 13k fpps 8-tabling 10/25 in about 2 weeks.could be off though. i only remember buying a 13k fpp sunday warmup ticket. but most of it's definately come from 10 / 25
  4. if you want to get something out of your stakes, you shouldn't be defending bad play.
  5. wow man you've built a huge roll within a year. congrats.
  6. argh. registered for a $11 and KK < T7 on a T 5 2 rainbow flop immed. after the start.edit: playing a $8.80 standard tournament now.edit2: and out. will be playing the last tourney for today, $11 knockout. out obv.edit3: total bankroll left today: $40. (27 of that is from that itm finish of the 5k)
  7. outplaying someone <15 minutes after the start of a donkament is just as useful as being able to peel a banana with your ass.
  8. out in 21 place for $27.44 . first AQ<88 to make put me short. then K7 bb steal < AK from SB. I'm not sure how much I'm supposed to ship zmoney now so i wait for him to reply
  9. indeed. thats no problem though, every downswing is followed by an upswing. my only worry is that zmoney will stop staking us when he sees how bad we are running now.by the way doubled in the 5k after this hand:Full Tilt Poker Game #11501157023: $5,000 Guarantee (86242691), Table 46 - 150/300 Ante 25 - No Limit Hold'em - 10:02:38 ET - 2009/04/04Seat 1: powermouse (6,728)Seat 2: bsandmann (13,500)Seat 3: castorTroy84 (3,207)Seat 4: Panduro17 (7,010)Seat 5: classicrage (9,635)Seat 6: PuchiLing (9,205)Seat 7: Nilius85 (11,445)Seat 8: Lekman (20,445)Seat 9: Akarr (18,909)powermouse antes 25bsandma
  10. out in the 8.80 ...........Full Tilt Poker Game #11500950045: $8 + $0.80 Tournament (86363292), Table 4 - 200/400 Ante 50 - No Limit Hold'em - 9:41:09 ET - 2009/04/04Seat 1: xxQT78xx (16,247)Seat 2: talent84 (10,752)Seat 3: Klaus446 (11,593)Seat 4: AKQJTJQKA (9,096)Seat 5: fat halpert (4,505)Seat 6: DoktorMozga (7,550)Seat 7: sjedmph (4,930)Seat 8: powermouse (9,218)Seat 9: Bo-Jack7 (12,596)xxQT78xx antes 50talent84 antes 50Klaus446 antes 50AKQJTJQKA antes 50fat halpert antes 50DoktorMozga antes 50sjedmph antes 50powermouse antes 50Bo-Jack7 antes 50sjedmph posts the small blind of 200powermous
  11. also registering for the $5k in 30 min.out in the 3.5k . jj<AKalso playing a $8.80 nowedit: doing decent in both. slightly more than average with about 15-20BB in both.
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