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  1. Thanks man. It's sad that these forums aren't as lively as they used to be.
  2. Fast forward four years... Black Friday here and gone, and ever since the game has never been the same (obviously). I ended up cashing out at 2.5k on pokerstars. At that time I was multitabling $16 9-man mtts. Currently, I've been playing carbon poker on and off; sadly, more off than on. I deposited $100 on there about a year or so ago and right now it's at $300 (like I said, been playing here and there--not taking it too seriously). Randomly thought of this thread and it really brings out the feels. Anyways, I was accepted into law school, so I'm gonna play as much online poker as I can
  3. Update:Sorry that I havent been on lately. I've been breaking even for a bit. I've looked up some 6 max videos on cardrunners; I highly recommend these videos. It's improved my game greatly. I've been playing 10nl 6 max lately and I'm at about $1300.@KyleNot sure what to tell you about avoiding your wife... but I would suggest some training videos from either Cardrunners or Stoxpoker.Thats it for now-thedonk
  4. I should do 1k to 10k, because I'm lacking motivation
  5. I have completed the challenge... $50 to $1,000. It has taken me a little over a year but I have done it. I have improved my game tremendously since I first posted this.When I first started this thread I thought I knew more than I did. I think if you read through you'll understand how bad I really was. I only knew ABC poker and it worked when I played 5nl. I have improved my game so much and looking back my name, TheDonk1989, really was truthful.I can remember I commented on a hand about someone calling a raise with a suited connector in a cash game and getting a cooler. I said that you s
  6. I've really turned it around. I'm winning consistently and I feel great about my game. I'm back up to $643.Attached is my graph from 11/06 to 11/29I've played 20,790 hands and I'm at about 27 hours played. My bb/100 is 6.11 and my hourly rate is $4.71Once I get up to about $800 (give or take) I'll move up to 25nl.Hopefully I can continue to have these results.
  7. Just a pretty bad break-even streak
  8. Running really bad... back down to $560Lost about $60 or so playing 45 man turbos, ran the worse in my life lmaoLost the rest playing 10nl, running terrible. Probably lost 3/4 of it running bad and 1/4 tilt/could've played betterPlayed for an hour today and lost $6, I lost $15 alone when I flopped a set and rivered full house led to someone else's bigger full house.First time I flopped a set and guy turned bigger set, board paired on the river.Second time, guy called me down with top two when I had a set and rivered his full house.
  9. Yep that would be me I'm out of it now at $650, winning about a buy in a day. If you play 10 nl a lot then you'll probably know me. I play 12 tables and play 1,000 hands each session.
  10. Yep still at stars, at $610. Winning session, losing session, winning session, losing session. Pretty much breaking even atm
  11. Quick update: Decided to keep playing 10nl, will be moving up as soon as ive hit $750. I'm at $606
  12. Thanks and good luck to you too. I'm only 18 so this is my poker bankroll. I started out playing only ring games, and then when that grew old I started playing sng's. It wasn't long until that grew old too so I went back to cash games; which is what I'm doing now. Eventually I'll be back to sng's.Hopefully I'll be able to play a lot more this weekend, I haven't been able to play as much as I'd like.Thanks for the reply
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