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    Golf, Wii Bowling, Donkaments, Watching "I bet you" on Youtube, Observer chatting High Limit HORSE when I know their not paying attention, not studying for finals so I can maintain my 2.3 GPA.
  1. to be honest im only on here once or twice a week and rarely check pm's. Its my fault for not giving him a better contact medium. But everything else aside they both got to take a shot at some tourneys, didnt cash or profit, not a big deal in the long run.
  2. All I did in this thread was back ppl for $100 worth of tournies and then not continue to back them after they busted it. What did I do wrong?
  3. I kind of handled this poorly in choosing to stake two people based on nothing to do with poker playing. And do to the fact im not online enough to put in any volume of my own I cant really sweat this thread/horses. But you got a free hundo to tank kobe so quit complaining
  4. Im due to ship something!!!!!!!
  5. And Im a donk and out 8th
  6. Ill try, I think I used all my luck earlier goin deep in the 30k Super Turbo
  7. So I shouldnt stake him? Why?
  8. Just ship the 13.5 and the makeup will stay at the full amount
  9. Slow Start But I beleive in you guys lets do work!!!!!
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