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  1. Is a WPT champion.That is all.
  2. reaping the benefits.Watching this FT live was just awesome, congrats to Gib for one hell of a tournament!
  3. gg man..220th for me. best of luck to all in events to come!
  4. That ruling about turning off the ringer is just insane...WOW.Yeah I dont post much and haven't visited here as frequently but Im going into day 2 with 23k after a wild day 1 that involved 3 seperate comebacks from less than 10bbs.
  5. Finally reaping those charter member benefits.Got the e-mails as well fwiw.<-----oh sick missed my 4 year anniversary! ( I lurked a while)
  6. Ya this made no sense so I looked back on it. He raised utg and I shipped ATs spew style 21bbs from MP.Not defending my play here whatsoever. I will say I was on 8 tables and regretting entering this as I was playing both HEROS events and trying to keep track of discarded hands in stud games etc. I took a bad approach of, well...obv nothing technically sound. NNB informed me of this post even after calling my mother stupid on mothers day? Can u believe that?!!? :)sorry about the beat man gl me in FTOPS HEROS
  7. This was a live feed? Did you see me standing behind hot ass KL?
  8. Sicko...congrats. Now turn up the heater more!
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