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Gibler Ft Of Sunday Brawl On Ftp

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Full Tilt Poker Game #5571880527: The Sunday Brawl (41570452), Table 150 - 14000/28000 Ante 3500 - No Limit Hold'em - 21:27:54 ET - 2008/03/09Seat 2: MrSoprano8 (655,092)Seat 4: DBmeplz (359,837)Seat 5: redlun (804,599)Seat 6: A G WIJK (241,000)Seat 7: TheZadester (829,971)Seat 8: goodvibe (733,164)Seat 9: marmotta (738,337)MrSoprano8 antes 3,500DBmeplz antes 3,500redlun antes 3,500A G WIJK antes 3,500TheZadester antes 3,500goodvibe antes 3,500marmotta antes 3,500TheZadester posts the small blind of 14,000goodvibe posts the big blind of 28,000The button is in seat #6*** HOLE CARDS ***marmotta foldsMrSoprano8 foldsDBmeplz raises to 356,337, and is all inredlun foldsA G WIJK foldsTheZadester raises to 826,471, and is all ingoodvibe calls 701,664, and is all inTheZadester shows [Kh Ad]goodvibe shows [Ac Ah]DBmeplz shows [6c 6h]Uncalled bet of 96,807 returned to TheZadester*** FLOP *** [Ks Qc Jc]*** TURN *** [Ks Qc Jc] [5h]*** RIVER *** [Ks Qc Jc 5h] [2d]TheZadester shows a pair of Kingsgoodvibe shows a pair of Acesgoodvibe wins the side pot (746,654) with a pair of AcesDBmeplz shows a pair of Sixesgoodvibe wins the main pot (1,093,511) with a pair of AcesDBmeplz stands up*** SUMMARY ***Total pot 1,840,165 Main pot 1,093,511. Side pot 746,654. | Rake 0Board: [Ks Qc Jc 5h 2d]Seat 2: MrSoprano8 folded before the FlopSeat 4: DBmeplz showed [6c 6h] and lost with a pair of SixesSeat 5: redlun folded before the FlopSeat 6: A G WIJK (button) folded before the FlopSeat 7: TheZadester (small blind) showed [Kh Ad] and lost with a pair of KingsSeat 8: goodvibe (big blind) showed [Ac Ah] and won (1,840,165) with a pair of AcesSeat 9: marmotta folded before the Flop7th for 8k, gg

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