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This Thread Could Possibly Make Ot A Nuclear Wasteland

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Hang plays Razz, which is a stud game. Ted Forrest gives his support to HangukMiguk.Beware suited, you have the wrath of Ted Forrest upon you. Do not be surprised if the thatched roof of your hut burns in the night, or if water turns to blood in your mouth, or food turns to ash in your hand. Beware.

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You see, by continualy getting hankeymuniks name wrong, Suited hopes to slowly break down his cofidence. Suited is a master of subtle and retardedly stupid psychology.As a Psych major, with a 2.6 GPA, Suited feels confident this tactic will win out.HANKEYMUNIK!And by the by, Vinnie T is no joke. Anyone who has seen WiseGuy (available now on DvD) will confirm.
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