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  1. what an outrageous accusation. i'm certainly for BG.
  2. Jesus H Christ, its gonna be ugly in here.Oh yeah, SA21 wins this mothafucka, AINEC.
  3. According to my schedule, she isnt due for the flow until late next week.
  4. 1. long and strong.2. fuckin A right. 3. I wouldnt vote. What a waste of my time.
  5. Im glad you asked, Vincent. My first thoughts are of the nipples. What size and shape were they?
  6. I hope you apreciate this you sonofabitch. I finally got Mary Mags to let me SIIHP, but Im duty bound to the Hideout.
  7. Jesus H Christ, how the fuck am I losing 12-9. I swear to myself, if I lose this thing I'll smite you all, I swear I will.
  8. I'll have to think on it. Maybe Dick Tracy or somehting.
  9. Jesus H Christ, how can you not know who this is? Suited wouldnt do that. Trust me.
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