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Bkice 1/4 In Sunday Mulligan On Ftp

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That is 8, right?

Is that French for "tilt"?

Dude really? Life tilt? grow up

lol @ this thread, everytime I read the first few pages I'm always amazed at how ridiculous it is.

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Have to say I take BKs side on this, but only because it was his honest reaction right after it happened. He is playing to win, anything else is not acceptable. That's the correct attitude to have here IMO.If he posted this next week than I think the flames would be in order.But right after it happened/ Way too much to ask a person to be humble and contrite.
This is crazy talk from an equally crazy man. He doesn't deserve to be unhappy losing all that money because he should be happy he won something. God I wish I had that Rdog quote. This is probably the beginning of where FCP started to unravel.
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I can't believe douches were torching him in the 1st place. Even if he was in the wrong, you never lay into a guy that just got KO'd for a huge payout difference. I think his follow up response about the smaller tourney equivalency and such was spot on too. This is why I didn't join until 2009. HAHAHAHAHA.

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When you have absolutely no ****ing clue what you're talking about, just keep your mouth shut. If it helps, think about losing $2k in equity in a $20 buyin, the amount of absolute money we're talking about is irrelevent as our bankrolls are clearly not very similar. Thanks for chiming in with your words of wisdom.
lol. odds that Bklice is still as big of a bitch today as he was in this post?
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