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  1. I'm glad to see this is still going.
  2. I've missed you all! I'm eating some special cookies right now which are money. I've also purchased a vaporizer since I was last in the forums. Da Buddha for the win!
  3. Kit Kat for my chocolate fix and Sour Patch Kids for my regular candy fix. Sour Skittles rank up there too.
  4. Bump this for all you slackers out there. Get high!I got some "Big Bud" and "AK-47". WOW!!
  5. I've been gone quite awhile but glad the thread is still going strong! I stopped bowling from April til November when my buddy talked me into replacing a guy on his team who couldn't bowl anymore. I am at 216 for 39 games and am 222 for 18 games subbing at a different house on Wednesdays....I actually am subbing tonight. I drilled up a new ball by Motiv called the TR2. I've been throwing that a lot as well as my Roto Grip "Cell", the original one. I'm going to nationals in Reno in March so I will need a couple new pieces by then. I bowl in a league exactly like this but it's 28 pts.
  6. In T-minus 1 hr and 13 mins while on my way to a cash game!
  7. IOGFI can't wait to see this bumped next year or even 3 years from now.
  8. Player Player Name Chipcount Antonio Esfandiari 405,000 Kofi Farkye 391,000 Mike Sowers 338,000 KJ Nam 209,000 Bertrand Grospellier 190,000 Haralabos Voulgaris 188,000 Jeffrey Garza 172,600 Zach Hyman 152,000 Phil Ivey 150,900 Greg Mueller 145,000 Toto Leonidas 140,000 Chris Karagulleyan 129,400 Paul Wasicka 129,000 Chris Ferguson 128,000 Peter Feldman 125,700 John Phan 125,000 Anthony Venturini 125,000 Freddy Bonyadi 118,000 Young Phan 114,000 Liz Lieu 110,000 Dan O'Brien 110,000 Scott Freeman 109,000
  9. Have you been in a head shop before? If you mention the word weed you get tossed. It is sold for "tobacco" and not for weed.
  10. Nothing like grubbin on some Popeye's after getting ridiculously high.
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