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  1. That was my route. Got an equinox. Blah blah not winner blah blah.
  2. Strat has a gf he hates and is obsessed with bourbon. You're caught up.
  3. I've always called those shit on a shingle. Smoking 3 pork butts Saturday night for the game and leftovers.
  4. I ****ed up. When I built the egg I tightened the rings poorly and it left a gap between the top and bottom half of the smoker. Once I sobered up and looked at it smoke was flowing out the gap instead of out the top.
  5. Egg wasn't properly seated so the butt was a bust. Did some wings today that ere tasty, trying to do ribs tomorrow. As for NYE, on my fourth makers 46 and coulting the minutes until kids are in bed.
  6. Smo-King butt you smell so goooood...
  7. Not my bag, but nice work. Butt rubbed and waiting to go on smoker tomorrow. If it goes well, pictures will follow.
  8. It's my wife's brother. Oddly enough, I think he may reject BJs from his girlfriend. Thankfully he's not married with a bus load of kids otherwise worlds would be colliding.
  9. I wish I could make this up. My brother in law just said " I could drink like 6 long islands and not get drunk". For Thera and ocho: Revolution un-sessionable ale. Smooth for 10% abv.
  10. Made potato skins for xmas eve and just reheated the leftover scooped out potato. A combo of cheddar, parm, sour cream, s&p. Used a pasta spoon/ladle to "rice" the potato through the holes. Better than my normal fresh mashed potatoes.
  11. Got a big green egg for xmas. Excited to put a pork butt on their next week. I'll try for jubi like photos but nowhere near as awesome.
  12. Sorry, is $x.xx a good price for xxx xxxxx? Spoilers don't work on my phone...
  13. Is 6.99/lb a good price for angus rib roast? The day $14 a pound regular but it feels like that is inflated to make it sound like a deal. Doing ham for xmas but really want to give one a try. Need to make sure it will be $60 well spent.
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