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  1. well he was raising the button's raise, playing him. Little did he know the bb woke up w/ a monster
  2. pretty interesting link, looks so old school
  3. scratch that, the porsche caymen S
  4. That's cool man congrats on the move.What cross street do you live on, i live in Vegas too just outside of summerlin.Hope vegas is everything you thought it was!!!!!!!
  5. i'm trying to save up for the hoodie
  6. <-------wishes he never opened his thread
  7. it's a shootout to the 650 ME qualifier on stars w/ 150 seats guaranteed64 players max 15 dollar buy in one seat to the qualifier
  8. i'm suprised they made it past the first round
  9. Pizzazz Pizza maker is the greatest invention ever. The inventor shoulda have won the noble peace prize
  10. ^^^^ that's some scary ****, but a sweet picture none the less
  11. well AA played the hand horribly, i don't mind you taking a cheap flop already having money invested, you were getting 3.5 to 1 on your money. You hit the flop hard and busted AA. This is why min raising preflop is a horrible play, it prices the BB in to calling with just about any two cards getting 3.5 to 1. So no not a bad call preflop imho
  12. pokertracker is your friend, seriously go spend the 50 bucks or bonus who.re on pso and get it for free.
  13. teneight is gone??? huh never noticed
  14. gotta love the kid telling you what he has
  15. wow save 5 bucks, can i send you 50 as well and you'll hook me too upsw
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