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  1. Why is it that people have so much trouble spelling the name "Doyle." It's D-O-Y-L-E. Anyway, I used to be a chess player (not a very good one, but that's a different story), and I knew a master who told me not to hero-worship the best, or to try to be exactly like them, but to look at the way that they play, and to use their style as a guide in making your own style. Anyway, in that vein, there are a number of players that have aspects of their games that I really admire.First off, there's Doyle. Without him, a lot of us would be weak-tight nutpeddlers. He wrote the book and continued to stay
  2. That one is very easy to explain. Some people play to maximize their ev. Others care more about winning the whole thing, even if a play is slightly lower ev. For example, someone playing to win the tourney would happily call with two jacks, knowing that his opponent had precisely ak. Playing to maximize ev, though, assuming that you believe you are one of the best in the tourney (and you, in fact, are), you might muck the jacks and wait for a better spot. Scott Fischman did exactly this against Kent Washington in the tourney where Fischman beat Joe Awada heads up, though in that case, it was m
  3. I had a treo 700w. I took it back and exchanged it for an XV6700. It's waaaay better.
  4. Which they, in fact, state in the complaint and ask that the previous agreements be voided. For the non-lawyers still left in the thread (myself included) adhesion contracts are precisely the ones that you can "either sign or not participate, " and they are voidable (the party forced to sign them can choose to have them voided). If it ever came to a legal battle, the WPT would likely lose if they tried to enforce derivative rights.I agree, though, that this waiver does nothing to further the existence of the WPT.
  5. http://www.wptlawsuit.com/files/29194-27742/Complaint.pdf from earlier post.
  6. I think the main goal of this is injunctive relief and voiding the previous contracts. Also, I'd say they have legitimate arguments in the portions about interfering with execution of a contract. The fact that they are being asked to waive all likeness rights for zero compensation is AT LEAST a violation of public policy, if not illegal. I'm not sure about proving actual damages. It is possible that you could find an expert that would calculate their equity (Jesus or Sklansky spring to mind) for the tournaments where they were excluded due to failure to sign the release; that's argument is pre
  7. The bet was for 10k between David Grey and Howard Lederer. Howard won, but the burger came up.
  8. Hand 1, I'll bet this flop, I don't see a reason not to. I might even check-raise the flop (you have a very strong draw, and you will have trouble getting action from a set if another club or a straight card hits, you really don't want a club to hit, though). I'm probably pushing the turn too, since you want to try to clean up your club draw. You might get a caller on a club draw anyway, nothing you can do.Hand 2, pot the flop. You got called, so you are probably up against someone with the other 8. A lot of times, I'll pot the turn too, since he showed interest in the pot and I'd prefer to w
  9. Against good opponents, you should bet. Not necessarily a huge bet, but definitely something. Good opponents will take your raise then check as a sign of strength. I'd fling the chips a little in a live game, and probably not count it out. Whatever you do, don't sigh. Take your time, but don't make it look like you are trying to figure out how much you can get out of them.One last thing: If nobody calls, don't show them. I know you flopped quads, and you want to show them, but showing them down tells people that what they just observed was you holding a strong hand and observant players will f
  10. I push it hard (hopefully you have position, because it's much easier to get value). I'd prefer if my opponent showed some strength preflop, in which case I will raise a bet or bet if it's checked. Bottom set can be vulnerable in all sorts of ways you can't necessarily anticipate. Jam it and hope they put you on top pair.
  11. One player to a hand is a fundamental rule of poker. Anything else shouldn't be called poker IMO.
  12. You're not going to learn, are you?
  13. After I saw the live event from Turning Stone that was on FSN, other tournament poker had the volume turned down by comparison. This also taught me that it was okay to fold sometimes in HU situations.
  14. If you play against good players, they will eventually pick up on these tendencies.
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