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  1. anyone know how the line is around ummmmm now??
  2. the Sahara recently changed their structure offering much more chips and they have been getting + 100 people almost everyday starts at 7pm get there early though , $42 bucks for 3k in chips and $20 add on for another 2k in chip blinds start at 25/25 and there are 20 minute rounds , lots of drunks in this one also , also the daily noon at the rio is a very good tournament $40 + 1 rebuy but very fast blind structure!!cheers
  3. house like that in summerlin goes anywhere from 450k to 650k , red rock gets an awesome 5/10 nl game going weekend nights where you can sit one night and make your rent money in its so soft and the guys that play really love giving away money!!!! the 2/5nl is also good if you can learn to play tight i live a few blocks from daniel out there near boca park and love having red rock right up the road , good luck on the move the house looks beautiful!!
  4. damn NUTZ you came to vegas again and didnt let me take you guys out!!!
  5. i use slingbox on my ppc6700 i love it!!! just kills my battery very very quickly
  6. well im here in las vegas playing on 4 different sites , dont know what anyone was talking about ?????????
  7. they have some 300 dollar buy ins that i forgot all about !!!
  8. haha whenever i suspect someone of trying to steal a pot ill always as them "cookie jar"?? ive i see them smirk a little ill usually pop that pot pretty big
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