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  1. I feel compelled to share my moneybookers.com experience with you. Since Mywebatm (used by Pokerstars) was no longer taking deposits from Canadians I was exploring other methods. I signed up at moneybookers and made a deposit using one of my credit cards. They charged a percertage for the transaction. But when I tried to use that money at Pokerstars it would not let me deposit at an "online gambling site."So I said screw this and tried to withdraw that money. Again I was charged a fee. Worse, when I received my cheque it was for even less than the balance I withdrew! Even with the stre
  2. Don't do it. I have it but didn't pay directly for it. I got it by accumulating points at Titan Poker.Its nothing groundbreaking whatsoever. I was hoping for a "magic bullet" to win Sit and Go's but this is not it. There are some videos along with commentary and a short document that tells you things that you should already know anyways (like don't go broke early without KK or AA)........like I said, not earth shattering news.If you are really interested in it, PM me and I'll try to send it to you.
  3. Jeezus, where have you been?In other breaking news, the earth is not flat.
  4. On the surface 20% R.O.I. looks really good. But you'll hear from the SnG gurus that 158 games is a miniscule sample size and not enough to base an opinion on. You need games numbering in the thousands before you'll be able to determine if you're a consistently winning player and not just a luckbox. I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but don't give yourself the illusion that you're God's next gift to poker with those stats.Also R.O.I. is dependent on the stakes you're playing. If you're a good player you should be seeing good R.O.I.s at this level because the poor play, whereas at high
  5. So online poker isn't all rainbows and butterflies afterall. Considering how many "success stories" there are of 17 year olds who TP/MM, I think its important that they be tempered with stories like this.Thanks for the link. Good cautionary tale.........
  6. I wonder if she got freaky with the other online degenerates at the PCA.
  7. I was hoping that Annette_15 would be hot...........but she is not.
  8. Thanks for the great responses to my question. It really is a reality check. I guess I need to accept that I can't produce those results forever. I can take some consolation in the fact that in the period I ran well, I never once played over my head so I have a decent roll to fall back on. Anyways, I've decided to stop playing turbos......... for now. Like the old joke:Patient: "Doctor, it hurts when I do this."Doctor: "Well, then you shouldn't do that."
  9. For those out there who play turbos, you know that there is a lot of open shoving when blinds are high. Shoving standards vary player to player, usually any ace or any small pair. In cases when someone open shoves and you look down at AK, AQ, AJ, even A- 10 are you auto calling? I know that I am. In fact I probably never fold AJ or better when a short stack open shoves (maybe thats my leak?)The thing is, if you're up against live cards you're not a huge favorite, and a small dog against an under pair obviously. I encounter this a lot when the short stack shoves with J 6, 6 5, 10 9 etc.
  10. In the last little while I've been crushing the $11+1 (and sometimes $22+2) turbo SnG on Full Tilt. Sharkscope had my ROI as high at 31% at one point. It felt like I couldn't lose. Now thats all I've been doing. It feels like the cards aren't coming like they used to, and when I get my money in with the good cards I do get, I'm beat by the river. I've cashed probably twice (both 3rd place) in my last 22 games. Is this just the nature of turbo SnGs? Whats the longest downswing you've experienced in SnGs, and what turned it around? (Sharkscope has tracked ~600 games.)Thanks guys.
  11. Thanks for the link.Sorry for the inconvenience.
  12. Does anyone know whats going on with these two?I was just on Pocketfives.com and there is a big rant by NSXT2 about rape/assault etc involving these two. Isn't Captain Tom is 90 years old? Gross........ but it sounds pretty juicy.Anyone have a link or can further elaborate?If this thread has been started, I apologize. I searched the forum but didn't find anything.
  13. Bluff = GarbageCardplayer= The NutsI subscribe to Cardplayer. You get more issues with REAL useable poker strategy, and their tournament coverage is second to none. I used to buy Bluff then stopped because you get the same information from CP without the irrelevant junk like what Antonio Esfandiari had for dinner or how many hot chicks he saw on his trip to Europe.Repeat, Bluff=Garbage.
  14. QUOTE(Shizzmoney @ Thursday, October 19th, 2006, 4:53 PM) The only two I know of are Gavin Griffin and John D'AgostinoDags?? Really? I thought he had a wife and kid...........or was this waaaayyy before that?As for Jennicide. She's ok. Her hotness has waned but yeah, I'd still hit that like a homerun in the 9th inning.
  15. You made a great decision. Poker will always be here no matter how school turns out. Its best to finish when you have the motivation and drive instead of having to do it out of necessity.Best of luck.
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