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  1. Originally cashed out on June 1. Wrote support an email about the issue on the 12th or 13th. I received an email from them explaining the issue and was told the request would be resubmitted. Got an email on the 15th regarding the prcoessing fo the new transaction saying it would clear in 3-10 business days, checked my account this morning on the 16th and its in there. No bonus.
  2. Did they do this automatically or did you ahve to write an email to begin the recredit and reissue a paper check process? My transaction completed on their side June 1 but have yet to see any echeck credit in my account.
  3. My buddy lived off clark and wrightwood..now just down the block to halsted and wrightwood...so I know that area, but she's closer to state and ontario and has heard it was good from her friends (not orignially from Chi). I've been to the oakbrook one a few times so I'm cool with it and the sangria....will have to try Tarascas on a night we don't have to be anywhere on time. The service at Julio's in Oakbrook was really fast so I'm hoping for the same.... and I love that cartoonish logo.
  4. Uncle Julios's on Clybourn... Chicken Enchiladas in sour cream sause FTW.
  5. Will be coming from around Ohio St..... will make her scarf down that last of her meal and drinks so I can be on the road by 7:30.
  6. Never headed east on 90-94 from the city on a sat night...something going on tomorrow or is that normal?
  7. The show is at 9pm...wasn't planning on getting there til 8 or 8:30. I've never been there for a concert so does that sound like a good time to show up?
  8. Will be at the Shoe tomorrow...but will also have the female in tow for the Alicia Keys show..so sadly no poker
  9. Currently in a live LHE downswing of about -42BB over two sessions totalling 5 hrs. Won 4 pots and chopped one 3 ways over that time. I hope this ship rights itself quick because I like the new Horseshoe Hammond cardroom a lot, but this is not the way I wanted to start.
  10. Going tonight at about 6:30 and will be playing one of the lower LHE tables... will I need to call ahead on a wednesday?
  11. 10th trip to Vegas – June 2007 – Better late than never? (low poker content)Players: Joe A, Joe B, Joe C, me. Obviously I don’t have that many friends named Joe, but I’m concealing identities since I’m posting without their permission. Joe A and Joe B have been to Vegas many times with and without me. For Joe C it was this married man’s maiden voyage.June 2007Sunday – Arrived in Vegas at around 3pm then made it to Excalibur and headed straight to the pool. There we proceed to take down 4 buckets and observe a hot (what must have been European) 20 something in the smallest string bikini I’
  12. Michael J Fox was very influential in the 80's.
  13. Playing roughly 6 tables at .25/.50 LHE seems to clear each 7.50 increment in about 1400 hands or 4 hours
  14. Yes, your hand selection is better because you're not as bored only getting to play maybe 1-2 hands per orbit on one/two tables. Moving to live play after multi-tabling is where having friends at the table and an ipod become important to stave off the boredom of playing "right".
  15. I got mine in a group buy over at Chiptalk.net, but if you do some searching over there you will find links to online vendors.EDIT: didnt' completely read you're looking for them in a store. Nevermind me.
  16. www.cosmolv.com . I should know... my hotel chain is building it.... thinking about a transfer when its complete.
  17. I requested by check and I requested 31 of my 34.81. They confirmed my transaction is processed and I will receive the check within 15 days. However, they said the transaction for 31 was only approved for 29.00. I don't get it. I think I even had 35.81 in there cause I was going to leave myself 5 to make one more min. sports bet. It's not like they even rounded the processed amount to an even number.
  18. I don't think Ivey has the engaging personality that most other marketed players do.
  19. I stopped in when it was still the San Remo, not more than two years ago mind you. We stopped just to go in and play some blackjack and get the 5.99 steak, which I was told was not worth 5.99. Anyway at the time they did not have the card readers on the blackjack tables ala Mirage, nor did they even have the mirrors...they had to actually lift up the cards and peek to see if they had blackjack!!! I had not seen this before since I had never traveled too far off the strip and didn't notice these old school tables downtown either. The place made the Barbary Coast look like a palace.
  20. I had a similar thing going on with a friend. Used to float him cash for all kinds of bills. I always got paid back eventually, but at some point you just throw your hands up and give up. Sometimes they really need a big kick in the ass
  21. Go Tigers!-a very disgruntled Cubs fan
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