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  1. so your other account just got outed on FCP (I suppose one of your other accounts) nice nickname though
  2. The difference between the two uses of appreciate was pretty clear for anyone to see. Your first post offered nothing of substance, hence a sarcastic appreciate. However, I would actually appreciate legitimate feedback. That seems to be beneath you and that is fine too. As for the "witty" remark regarding reads on a non-existent player, why is that any different than assuming the non-existent player is betting the nuts with the top draw there (literally the only hand that is worrisome). I stand by the argument that it is more likely a bluff gets bet like that than a player with the nuts and
  3. Thank you for contributing no content. It is appreciated.You quoted a post that was before Sparco's comments to me, so it would be fairly hard for me to misinterpret his statements. As for the last line, my point is that I make the call. I don't think that having some fear based on the size of the pot indicates that my point is undercut. When I have four of a kind on a board that is paired twice, I will always have some fear calling 800 BBs that the huge bet indicates my opponent has a better 4 of a kind. Here, where I have the nuts, I am always calling. It doesn't mean that I won't be s
  4. I don't think that any of the numbers in your thread hold water. As you acknowledged, the AXhh hand is almost certainly not going to be played that way and is the only hand that I am scared of in this situation. Thus, with the scenario as presented I am calling. I think that a bluff is more likely than the AXhh being played that way.
  5. The answer is yes, I call. But I might think about it for a second in that situation. That said, your example if pretty much a complete bastardization of what actually happened (and yes, I understand that you are challenging the assertion that it is always a call with the nuts). 1) in DN's situation, Hruby had the nuts with both hole cards, which is far less likely to be a split with another player with 6-7 than it is that another player has just an A as in your example; 2) the betting and proportions in your example are obviously far beyond extreme and unrealistic, whereas the betting in th
  6. I can't question the intention element, but I have to disagree that there is ever a good occassion to fold the nuts on the turn in hold'em and certainly not with the action that was in this hand. Even with a flush draw out there it is terribly -EV to fold the nuts on the chance that your opponent also has the nuts and a draw (especially when there are two other players in the pot). As for your hand, it is not at all analogous. First, KK is not the absolute nuts and the hand was preflop. Secondly, if you quickly checked your hand to confirm your holding that is far different than taking a fai
  7. I tend to agree Sprung. I am not trying to pick nits DNA, but why couldn't the hand be recreated. You knew all the cards (as you were able to post them here), so why couldn't you have pulled them out of the muck and then shuffled and then put out a river. I guess I just don't understand the thinking on the decision (and not just from the bar league perspective, mainly because I don't know why an all-in player who protected his hand is getting punished).
  8. Cashed in the HORSE and got knocked out by getting my ass kicked in Razz just after the bubble burst.
  9. I am still in the HORSE Tournament (Event #4), which resumes today at 3 p.m.
  10. Is there a standard start time for the second day of the tournaments? I am planning on playing in one or two events, but need to balance my schedule. So for example, if I play the PLO with rebuys starting at 5 on October 18, what time does day 2 start? Can anyone answer this (preferably without making a joke about me not making day 2 anyways)?
  11. I watch every episode, so take my comments with a grain of salt as I am not dragging the ratings down, but I find this year's broadcasts to be very dry. The jokes seem a little bit stale and it seems like the poker and characters have been less entertaining. Norm Chad has been recycling material for 7 years and I think I am just getting sick of it. Perhaps others are too. After all, there is not a ton of strategy (though there is some) to be derived, so if the entertainment value suffers so to do the ratings.
  12. To be fair, in the same post he said he had not heard of Dwan till just over a year ago. I think his credibility was shot at that point.
  13. I think you are wrong and I think DNA's advice here was good.
  14. I thought that at first, but is the 9 really that scary? There are so many other holdings that have him beat that I have trouble believing he thought it was the 9 that did him in. I almost think he took a line that said if he got called on the turn he was shutting down unless the river was an A (which still wouldn't have helped him)
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