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  1. that call at the end of the game was gross
  2. The highest scoring team and president cup winners....... but you put "do you believe" in the original post sounds confident....I believe Jason Blake gets a hat trick tonight... 2-1 advantage for the isles
  3. shouda sold @ $9...... hope the merger hype spikes it again
  4. out....17th nice day rode the short stack deep
  5. on a serious note ...was it proven that the multi accounters were chip dumping?
  6. Is there a big difference between multi accounting and Steaking multiple players in a live event????
  7. check handicapped options..update your virus softwre..
  8. http://www.ny.com/transportation/port_authority.htmlevery 30 minnot sure about down town...
  9. you fail to add that the republicans added it to the Port Security Act...
  10. CONGRATS!!Winning a Sat into a Sunday major and taking it down has been my dream for a while now.....too bad ive only been half successfull.How many times did it take till the break through??
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