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  1. I was a original fcper, do i get any cheerleading:)
  2. betting k 10 there on the turn is pretty bad
  3. was really going for the win, lost 25k in cash games today so 6k doesnt change much
  4. really though he was weak, loving the insta w 9s, this is crazy how bad it was played
  5. these games are playing abit nuts, the whole tourney didnt play once for a 50 50 and never outdrew, pretty crazy
  6. 24 69 left for me, user name bmwmcoupe
  7. Ok im 22 70 left in the stars sunday million
  8. why? i wont stop playing cash games, but instead of 8 tabling cash games i will 8 table cash games and play 1 mtt
  9. I wanna start playing more online tourneys what are the biggest weakly-monthly online tournys i am basically looking for any tourney that pays more then 10k for 1st, lower then that i don't wanna botherI know about the ps sunday million the full tilt 500k on dec 17th absolute 100kanything else?
  10. still in 20th in chips, 42 548 bmwmcoupe sn
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