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  1. rules for the skip and flip aments?
  2. i might join in one but i have a bad feeling i will get addicted
  3. wow it took this long...i was at the event on tuesday and i overheard the crew getting yelled at bc of this problem.
  4. id like to know too but i think i might go for a drive to check out the tourney. i should have an update for you in a few hours.
  5. if anyone knows how to get pics of it from that would be sweet too
  6. i saw one guys avatar but forgot his name can anyone help me out and post some DN pics after his fresh new hair cut...
  7. i will for sure. its my friends B-day on the 11th. im still not sure if we are doing a fly by or not. i have no clue where we are going to play at but id rather play tourneys and hes more into the cash games(bc he doesnt have alot of live tourney play).
  8. my boy stoic is there too gl man. id like to see you two heads up
  9. ^whats ur SN i got a friend in under xstoxicx. he doenst post here tho
  10. (Dec 28th) at 21:00 ET there is a private $1 tournament called "Forum $200 Giveaway". Not surprisingly, $200 will be added to the prize pool. The password is: gratis im not gonna be able to play but i stumbled across the password and would like to see someone from here take this tourney down. theres 3 pros already in. GL guys. post if ur in ill rail later when the final table is all FCP.
  11. the anti gravity trick? i doubt antonio was that mad bc this trick is on the internet and in bluff magazine. its really easier than everyone thinks. just go to pokerchiptricks.com they got afew good ones.
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