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  1. everyone knows you get every 221 hands.pull yourself together
  2. the first reputabl esite to do it will profit massively
  3. im sure dan misses it toosort your life out
  4. i think i can speak for the collective in saying YOU SUCK
  5. it was an amazingly obv questionps, what was todd doing!
  6. just go, if they dont let you in they wont care, its just the rules so yyou can go back.look at phil iveyhe played everyday and said his name was jethro, turned 21, came in without the moustache and said, "hi, im phil"apologised and it was fine.edit, hollywood home game ambassador vince van patten used to play omaha, with a fake moustache, in his local card club when he was 15, apperently.
  7. on ladbrokes (european site), a few years back, he used to play the biggest no limit cash games.KAIKEY was his namo.good player
  8. that would be cause for argument in a HOME GAME.this is meant to be the most prestigous event in our game.SORT IT OUT! FFS!
  9. i hate it when these players come on and cry and say how much they love there ill family, and how amazing the ill wife is for letting him come.YOU LEFT YOUR WIFE WHEN SHE WAS ILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TO PLAY POKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cry me a river...card
  10. i think both forms of protest have their merits.but i think this is a relevant example.when mohammed ali was being mistreated by the US government, he didn't boycott boxing.he tried to rattle the cage from the inside by being the greatest ever.ane he did, and he was.maybe hurting harrahs like this would be a good option for all the better players.
  11. how do you even search for old topics, cant crack it
  12. i heart incubus and phjr, you ****ing loserits a ****ing story, relax.PS, try and find me a story about prostitutes that isnt messed up..and that you people, who are obviously saints, will not condescend.PPS **** off
  13. what exactly is this all about... are you 7?for the record, women of the night are ****.they dont want to be there. they'd rather be a million miles from you.HAHA! just remembered a funny story.me and my mate went back to his house and he got annoyed with his bird and her mates for flirting with everyone else. so he said "thats it, get the **** out my house".. etc, they started throwing glasses at us. me and his gf had just done ecstacy for the first time, was all loved up, and so i followed em outside and gave them £30 for a cab, FFS! so anyway, he decides to calls some ladies of the night, a
  14. i just giggled for the first time since i was 5
  15. i cant believe not one of you morons has got anything to say that doesnt involve an unfunny joke
  16. my theory/proposal, is that in a hu pot, where all the money goes in preflop, if one player has kings and the other has aces... the pot should be chopped.its simply an unfair aspect of the game, and a flaw if you ask me.the high of having the aces, is by no means as low as the horridity of having the kings.one friend said, "yeah, but that sort of goes against the grain of the very essence of the game".yet he says he is still for it.if i ever start a home game, thats gonna be a rule.thoughts..
  17. what do you think are possible insults matarrazi that would make him do this?
  18. GL! ill bet theyll show it on tv, mike matusow = ratingsmike matusow also = moron with talentWIN WIN WIN WIN WIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. all i know is, stars does it all before the cards are dealt.i have been told that party is different, stars is very on the up and up. party... mmm not so sure.oh, and live poker IS rigged
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