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  1. I met him in a bar two days before he died. Real real nice dude. Went out of his way to sign autographs for us and introducted me to his friends and everything.RIP
  2. If you're talking about me then probably. I play 50NL or 100NL on FTP everyday...atleast 1k-2k hands everyday.
  3. Ive been reading this whole thread and I just have to speak up. I think this post is a little ridiculous. I don't think you should be speculating on what AJ did or did not do that may have led to this. No one really knows what happened in the situation besides those two, so lets just leave it at that.
  4. This is an exact HH from someone i know. It is indeed a 6 handed satty. Sorry I forgot to mention that
  5. Ok settle an argument. This is as much I know about the hand:Satty where top 6 get seat, this is with 16 people left. 5 handed with one sitting out. What is Korjaes play, simply fold, limp, or raise? Also what is the worst of the three options.Full Tilt Poker Game #11389097993: Satellite to MiniFTOPS #12 (85368192), Table 1 - 80/160 - No Limit Hold'em - 22:51:34 ET - 2009/03/28Seat 2: wizfromoz (1,435)Seat 3: CrocopUFC84 (5,000)Seat 4: anbo (185), is sitting outSeat 5: korjae (5,970)Seat 6: McKeen88 (7,010)wizfromoz posts the small blind of 80CrocopUFC84 posts the big blind of 160The butto
  6. By the way, I will also book action on this. Let me know when we decide on a line.
  7. I have no idea where to even begin setting a line and there will probably be 3k people in those events you play. But, since its you and the WSOP, I'd say 2-1
  8. Im about 98% sure of #2...PM me if u want it. lol
  9. Ship_itt at FT of 50r on Stars...GLGLGL
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