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  1. Sorry if this has been asked already.....I tried using search, but didn't see anything. When I google this, I see articles about the draft which was ages ago. Anyone know if this project is dead? Daniel?
  2. That is pretty sick.....straight out of Rounders!!!
  3. Is it going to be NL Hold'em at the Final Table? Or are they going to continue the HORSE format?
  4. Congratulations guys, on becoming honourary members of Team Pokerstars!
  5. When is this league starting? They started the hype, so long ago and now it's fizzled........is it starting this year?
  6. Just watched Ep 5 & 6......DN taught him how to play monsters to get maximum value out of the hand. Rob then goes to the casino, plays a hand where he flops quad deuces and gets the guy to call his all in bet. Nicely done! It looks like he is getting better.......He was very lucky with his teacher......I mean, he didn't even have to qualify through the Protege competition!!!!
  7. You're right, I fixed my post.....I saw ep 3 & 4 as well.....I just skipped through all the Amber parts. I just want to see Rob learning some poker from DN. At least he won the heads up match against his friend. I like how he "upped the stakes" of the bet after he won the first match......that was funny.
  8. When is Anthony going to play a tournament? Is he going to play at Borgata? And......do we have his nickname yet?
  9. I just watch ep 1 & 2 of Rob & Amber: Against the odds.....All I have to say is yikes!!!! In ep 1, he goes all in on the flop for $1000 with the nut flush draw....got called by 2 pair and lost. This is a cash game....I think 5/10 NL. I think Rob had watched too many WPT shows.And then in ep 2 Daniel cuts up his play when he misplayed the Krablar and then later pocket aces.It was pretty funny at the end of ep 2 when Daniel was summarizing how the session went to Amber. He's like "He won a bit, but he should have won a lot more", "He's too creative", etc, etc. The funny part was the
  10. Wow Daniel, that blog came out of left field man! Totally unexpected.....from the "looks" of things, it seemed like you were on top of the world, getting ready to destroy all poker players in your path in 2007. I guess you are in fact human. Anyway, it was a great read, and really hit home for a lot of readers I'm sure (me included).On a side note, why do I get this feeling like DNs going to take down Tunica......All the best in 2007!Morpheus
  11. IQCrash, who is that in your avatar???? I need to google that....
  12. I know, it's very first postish.....I'm getting fired up over all the DN bashing and Raymer loving on 2+2. Not sure what that has to do with FTP, but thought the battle would be interesting. I expected to get flamed by you guys (and more probably).
  13. Daniel, you need to recruit some more pros on your site. Get a nice roster similar to FTP (maybe even get some of the good eggs from FTP, Harman, Hansen, Cunningham, etc.) and then have a televised event of heads up matches of FCP pros vs FTP pros. Something like, everyone gets to play each other and then see which team comes out with the winning record. That would be awesome.....Or maybe even small ballers vs big ballers.......I'd watch it......
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