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  1. I like to throw a 5 or a 10 spot on there and just get a ton of hands out of it. It's not going to help with reads, or other aspects as mentioned but I don't play seriously so from that perspective it works and keeps the ADD in me entertained.
  2. Daniel my thoughts are with you. My father passed when I was 10 and you're an inspiration on many levels. I wish you and yours nothing but the best in this time of sadness.
  3. You the man DN. This is only the beginning. Take it down.
  4. The picture of him makes me think he could potentially be a closet axe murderer.
  5. I think the point trying to be made by the OP, which is a correct one, is that it was held prior to the WSOP last year so the question remains as to whether the same will occur this year. If I recall I think Daniel even skipped the first bracelet event as he had played that marathon TOC final table. I haven't heard anything about when it would be played this year. Using the old adage about google being my friend I still did not find any details.
  6. I've had it take as many as 4-5 days including the weekend. Seems like the avergae turnaround has been 1-2 business days. They told me something along the lines of it being instant if I upgraded to their credit card but I didn't get additional details. Seems like that may be the way to go though so if you get details on that post them for me if you don't mind.
  7. I was responding to the comment about the average joe wanting to see Shannon Elizabeth & Tilly. I don't necessarily disagree on that point. My point is that the average person isn't tuning in to watch this tourney imo. It's more the average poker fan whom I think would rather see someone like Cassidy than someone like Elizabeth playing. Disagree?
  8. So you think the average Joe who watches poker on tv wants to see Tilly and Elizabeth? I'm not taking a pole of people who walk by I'm talking about the person who would actually turn on NBC and watch the heads up action. You really don't believe that audience wants say Joe Cassidy and Sebok instead of those two ladies? I mean the hot factor goes way up, but again not the audience for this imo.
  9. I continue to question the common sense of whomever is putting this field together. I understand that he has played in the big game before and is somewhat respected by many pros, but Rene Angelil? I also understand the celebrity piece of things, but does anyone watch this tourney for the non-poker pro celebrity aspect of it? Don Cheadle?I guess for me not seeing a player like Joe Cassidy in this tourney drives me nuts. Getting guys like J'Dags and Antonius is a better move this year than when they were left out last year, but I really still feel like they miss the boat here. Eliminating s
  10. My choice would be Phil Gordon's Little Green Book. Heard good things about it and would be interested to get some of his perspective. Just used my FT points to order it myself. I've heard Greenstein's book is good as well, so that wouldn't be a bad second option imo.
  11. Wouldn't mind seeing some young gun type matchups like Cassidy/D'Agostino/Madsen/Grinder, etc. face off against one another. I think it would be great tv to watch the kamikaze styles let loose on each other at the table.
  12. Way to fight the whole way Daniel. I think it's clear that DN will be a force to be reckoned with in 07.
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