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  1. I have old accounts on Ub and Bodog without rakeback. can u move them ?If so, please let me know.burdo3417@hotmail.com
  2. is there any danger if you are from outside the US or Canada ?Should I disable the instacash option or i dont even have it ?tks
  3. Good JOB!!!Congratulations...USA played a very good match, specially considering they played with 9 the 2nd half. Donovan was the star of the matchIm from Argentina..We are doing OK so far
  4. WOW! Who are you ? Williams Gates IV ?
  5. I saw this on 2+2"I was playing at TI yesterday for a bit when an exec from Fox Sports sat down for a while. He was talking about all sorts of things, including how he plays in a home game with the marketing director from Full Tilt (who's office is next to his).Apparently, Phil Ivey netted $65 million last year alone. Where does he find games where he can make that much??? "Link: http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showthre...e=1#Post6186248I was just wondering what you guys think. Is this number even close to possible?It would be great to hear daniel's oppinion about it.
  6. 13 episodesYou can download them from here. Best tracker ever.www.thepokerbay.org
  7. Danielm why are you giving tips to Evelyn Ng all the time like she is a newbie and dont know the odds? Isnt she a pro poker player too ? Why didnt she call with 74d ? The Pot was big and she had a very good hand after the flop, most of the time its pretty much a coinflip with you having just a pair of Jacks. I assume she knows this of course.Please dont take this questions in the wrong way. I was just curious.
  8. I can give you or anybody 38% at Battlefield Poker. Its a Prima Poker Skin. Very nice site to play.Just post your email. Must be the same you're going to use on the site. You'll get an email about it.You get paid EVERY DAY directly in your Battlefield Poker account.
  9. Can I get Rakeback too ?username : Burdoemail : burdo3417@hotmail.comHow do I know when im already getting the rakeback ?
  10. This wont work if you have some money at empire, right ?
  11. can i get rakeback at Ultimate Bet if I already have an account there without rakeback??
  12. http://etaipo.livejournal.com/He is not posting anymore. So, we'll have to go directly to his blog.
  13. You just need to enable the cookies in your browser.
  14. The link is not working!!! Dying here :(Thanks for everything etaipoEDIT:This is another link. http://thepiratebay.org/details.php?id=3463144There are no seeds right now anyway.PLEASE SEED!!!!
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